New Faculty Research Seminars

Each fall the College of Engineering presents its New Faculty Research Seminar Series Professors describe their work and future research plans. The seminar series also explores opportunities for collaboration. Vahid Motevalli, Ph.D. Engineering Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, invites engineering graduate and undergraduate students as well as colleagues from other disciplines to attend.

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Fall 2018

  • Thursday, Nov. 8, Prescott Hall 225:  Tim Huff, Ph.D. – Civil and Environmental Engineering 
    • Title: Seismic Hazard and Seismic Design Strategies for Bridges in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
    • General Research Areas along with Consulting: Bridge design, and earthquake engineering
  • Wednesday, Nov. 14, Prescott Hall 225: JW Bruce, Ph.D. – Electrical and Computer Engineering 
    • Title: Survey of Embedded Computer Systems Research
    • General Research Areas: Integrated circuit design, sensor networks, integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the national airspace and quantum computing

Fall 2017

  • Tuesday, Oct. 3: Yunbo "Will" Zhang, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
    • Title: Design for Additive Manufacturing: Towards Direct Digital Manufacturing
    • General Research Areas: Design for additive manufacturing, computer-aided design and manufacturing, human-centered design and manufacturing, and geometric and solid modeling
  • Tuesday, Nov. 7: Charles Van Neste, Ph.D. - Center for Energy Systems Research
    • Title: Quasi-Wireless Capacitive Power Transfer and Its Applications
    • General Research Areas: Wireless and quasi-Wireless power transfer, unipolar capacitive and single wire systems, high frequency inverter design, alternative energy harvesting, electronic instrumentation, electromagnetic interactions
  • Thursday, Nov. 16: Ahmad Vaselbehagh, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
    • Title: Wind Farm Layout Optimization
    • General Research Areas: Hydrodynamics of mechanical energy storage technologies, particularly, underwater energy storage plants

Fall 2016

  • Tuesday, Nov. 8: Venkat Padmanabhan, Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering
    • Title: Understanding Soft Matter: From Polymer Nanocomposites to Caenorhabditis Elegans
    • General Research Areas: Self-assembly of nanoparticles in polymer matrix, polymer nanocomposite films for organic photovoltaics, and biomechanics of Caenorhabditis elegans
  • Thursday, Nov. 10: Pingen Chen, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
    • Title: Clean, Efficient and Sustainable Diesel Engine Technologies
    • General Research Areas: Hybrid powertrain, internal combustion engines, alternative and renewable fuels, and intelligent transportation systems
  • Thursday, Nov. 14: Duckbong Kim, Ph.D. - Manufacturing and Engineering Technology
    • Title: Education and Research Opportunities in Smart Manufacturing and Data Analytics
    • General Research Areas: Advanced manufacturing technologies, such as additive manufacturing, smart manufacturing and sustainable manufacturing

Fall 2015

  • Thursday, Oct. 1: Liqun (Laura) Zhang, Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering
    • Title: Investigating Model Asphalts and Transmembrane Protein Plexin Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    • General Research Areas: Structure, dynamics and functions of proteins and engineering materials using molecular dynamics simulation method
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21: Daniel VandenBerge, Ph.D. - Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Title: Rapid Drawdown Stability Analysis using the Finite Element Method
    • General Research Areas: Slope stability analysis, soil shear strength, behavior of compacted clays and probabilistic methods in geotechnical engineering
  • Tuesday, Nov. 10: ChaBum Lee, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
    • Title: Precision metrology and manufacturing for smart materials and structures
    • General Research Areas: Precision manufacturing and metrology technology including optical measurement, sensors and actuators, smart materials and structures, precision machining, and optical analysis and fabrication of diffractive optical components
  • Thursdays, Nov. 19: Mohammad Rahman, Ph.D. - Computer Science
    • Title: Automated Formal Analytics for Smart Grid Security and Resiliency
    • General Research Areas: Network and information security analytics and automation, policy verification and threat analytics, risk assessment and security hardening, dependable management of cyber-physical systems

Fall 2014

  • Monday, Oct. 27: Laura H. Arias Chavez, Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering
    • Title: Re-Designing Membranes: Electrospun Nanofibers for Control of Structure and Material Properties
    • General Research Areas: Green Energy Production, Decentralized and Low Energy Water Treatment, Desalination, and Reclamation of Energy and Materials from Waste Streams
  • Thursday, Nov. 13: Ehsan Languri, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
    • Title: Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials (MPCMs) for Energy Efficiency Enhancement
    • General Research Areas: Energy Conservation and Storage Systems, Desalination Technologies
  • Monday, Nov. 17: Hicham Chaouiu, Ph.D. - Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Title: Adaptive Learning Based Control Design for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems under Structured and Unstructured Uncertainties
    • General Research Areas: Adaptive and Nonlinear Control Theory, Intelligent Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Electric Motor Drives, Energy Storage and Management, and FPGA Implementation
  • Thursday, Nov. 20: Pezhman Shirvanian, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
    • Title: New Concepts in PEM Fuel Cell Catalysis: Experimental and Theoretical Approach
    • General Research Areas: Energy Storage, Generation and Conversion Systems

Fall 2013

  • Thursday, Oct. 17: Matthew Yarnold, Ph.D. - Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Title: Structural Identification & Structural Health Monitoring of Bridge Structures
    • General Research Areas: Structural Identification and Structural Health Monitoring
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22: Steve Anton, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
    • Title: Multifunctional and Multi-Source Energy Harvesting: The Development of Autonomous Low-Power Electronics
    • General Research Areas: Smart Materials, Vibrations, Energy Harvesting, Structural Health Monitoring, Robotics-based STEM Education
  • Thursday, Oct. 31: Jeffrey Rice, Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering
    • Title: Development of Novel Protein and Biological Engineering Techniques
    • General Research Areas: Protein and Biological Engineering
  • Monday, Nov. 4: Tania Datta, Ph.D. - Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Title: Enhanced Biological Phosphorous Removal in Aerated-anoxic Activated Sludge Systems
    • General Research Areas: Biological Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Microbiology, Resource Recovery from Organic Waste, Role of Microbes in Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Tuesday, Nov. 12: Jennifer Pascal, Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering
    • Title: Multiscale Modeling of Drug Delivery to Tumors Enhanced by Applied Electrical Fields
    • General Research Areas: Mathematical/Computational Modeling of Biological Systems with Applied Electrical Fields
  • Monday, Nov. 25: Awni Qasaimeh, Ph.D. - Manufacturing and Engineering Technology
    • Title: Digital Human Modeling for Ergonomic Assessment of Patient Lifting in Hospitals
    • General Research Areas: Electronics manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Ergonomics in Healthcare
  • Tuesday, Dec. 3: Mohamed Mahmoud, Ph.D. - Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Title: Efficient Security Protocols for Wireless Networks
    • General Research Areas: Network Security and Privacy Preservation
  • Thursday, Dec. 5: Indranil Bhattacharya, Ph.D. - Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Title: Design and Modeling of Very-high Efficiency Multijunction Solar Cells and Future Research Direction
    • General Research Areas: High-efficiency Solar Cells, Battery (Li-air/ion, Al-air/ion), Semiconductor Electronics, Photonics and Optics, Electromagnetics, Power Electronics, Medical Electronics

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