Mathematics is the language of engineering, computer science and engineering technology. It serves as the basis for students to begin their academic career at Tech.

  • All engineering programs require four calculus courses.
    • Engineering technology programs require a minimum of Pre-Calculus and Calculus I.
    • Computer Science requires at least 14 credits of Calculus I and above.
  • Your ACT or SAT Math score determine your starting point.
    • Other factors, such as advanced placement, international baccalaureate and dual enrollment credits may also be used.
  • If you score:
    • MATH ACT 27 or higher | MATH SAT 610 or higher > start with Calculus 1 or higher.
    • MATH ACT 22-26 | MATH SAT 560-609 > start with Pre-Calculus.

Where would I start?

Many students take the option of beginning their studies in Basic Engineering, where they gain a foundation in mathematics, the sciences and the broad principles of engineering that prepare them for their advanced studies. Some of the first-year courses include:

  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Engineering Graphics
  • MATLAB or Fortran 90 Computer Programming
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education or Military Science
  • Humanities Elective 


There is a wealth of resources available throughout the college and university to promote and support the success of students. From assistance with introductory undergraduate courses to navigating graduate school, faculty and staff are here to help. Just a few resources are listed below to help get you started.


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