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College of Engineering

Strategic Goals


The mission of the College of Engineering is to provide a balanced academic environment of teaching, research, and service to prepare career-ready engineering, computing, and technology professionals.

Strategic Goal ONE Education for Life

  • Incorporate multiple experiential learning opportunities in all undergraduate programs.
  • Create a Tech-unique general education curriculum to provide the foundation for technologically adept, analytically capable, career-ready graduates.
    Increase student diversity.
  • Develop and expand experiences that emphasize diversity and build global awareness, such as international travel, study abroad, and other high impact practices.
  • Develop innovative, stackable credentials, and associated pathways responsive to stakeholder needs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Strategic Goal TWO Innovation in All We Do

  • Every college will develop and implement technologically infused programs.
  • Increase research, scholarly activities, and intellectual and creative contributions aligned with university, college, and departmental strategic priorities.
  • Implement specific strategies, structures, and resources to serve adult learners and offer online/hybrid delivery systems to increase accessibility, expand our reach, and enhance our impact and reputation.
  • Recruit, hire, retain, and reward a diverse faculty/staff with a demonstrated commitment to collaboration, external engagement, and lifelong learning.

Strategic Goal THREE Exceptional Stewardship

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operational/administrative processes and procedures.
  • Increase the size and effectiveness of scholarship endowments.
  • Continue to develop, implement and evaluate a dynamic long-term budget model that informs effective financial management and consistent strategic investment.

Strategic Goal FOUR Engagement for Impact

  • Develop new strategically driven sustainable partnerships.
  • Modernize, adapt, and create academic programs, continuing education certificates, and training activities responsive to impactful engagement.
  • Create and support a network of scholars to evaluate community engagement topics and opportunities.
  • Increase alumni and friend engagement and impact.
  • Support economic development to transform and sustain a thriving hub for innovation, creativity, and employment opportunities.

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