Campus Community Health • HEERF I, II & III

Faculty Handbook

Deans, Chairs, and Academic Directors

College of Agriculture and Human Ecology
Dr. Darron Smith, Dean x3149
Dr. Melinda Anderson, Director, School of Human Ecology x3157
Dr. James Baier, Interim Director, School of Agriculture x3193
College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Jeffrey Roberts, Interim Dean x3118
Dr. Allan Mills, Associate Dean  x3139
Dr. Chris Brown, Chair, Biology x3140
Dr. Jeff Boles, Chair, Chemistry x3421
Dr. Jeannette Luna, Interim Chair, Earth Sciences x3121
Dr. Linda Null, Interim Chair, English x3343
Dr. Martin Sheehan, Interim Chair, Foreign Languages  x3432
Dr. Kent Dollar, Interim Chair, History x3332
Dr. Michael Allen, Interim Chair, Mathematics  x3441
Dr. Stephen Robinson, Chair, Physics  x3483
Dr. Lori Maxwell, Chair, Sociology and Political Science x3437
College of Business
Dr. Thomas Payne, Dean x3372
Dr. Ramachandran Natarajan, Associate Dean, Mayberry Chair Professor x3001
Dr. Julie Pharr, Interim Assistant Dean, Graduate Business Programs x3600
Dr. Richard Rand, Chair, Accounting x3358
Dr. Tom Timmerman, Chair, Decision Sciences and Management x3160
Dr. Wesley Pech, Chair, Economics, Finance, and Marketing x3745
College of Education
Dr. Lisa Zagumny, Dean  x3124
Dr. Julie Baker, Associate Dean  x3177 
Dr. Stephanie Kazanas, Interim Chair, Counseling and Psychology x3457
Dr. Jeremy Wendt, Chair, Curriculum and Instruction  x3181 
Dr. Christy Killman, Chair, Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Wellness  x3467
College of Engineering
Dr. Joseph Slater, Dean x3172
Dr. Francis Otuonye, Interim Assistant Dean, Research and Innovation x3172
Dr. Kumar Yelamarthi, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs x3834
Dr. Robby Sanders, Interim Chair, Chemical Engineering x3494
Dr. Benjamin Mohr, Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering x3454
Dr. Jerry Gannod, Chair, Computer Science  x3691
Dr. Allen MacKenzie, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering x3397
Dr. Chris Wilson, Chair, General and Basic Engineering x3845
Dr. Fred Vondra, Chair, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology x3263
Dr. Mohan Rao, Chair, Mechanical Engineering x3254 
College of Fine Arts
Dr. Jennifer Shank, Dean  x3016
Kimberly Winkle, Director, School of Art, Craft and Design x3738 
Dr. Colin Hill, Director, School of Music  x3161 
College of Graduate Studies    
Dr. Mark Stephens, Dean x3224
Dr. Alice Camuti, Associate Dean x6006
College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Mike Gotcher, Dean  x3366 
Dr. Brenda Wilson, Chair, Communication x3060
Dr. Steven Sharp, Interim Director, School of Environmental Studies x6246 
Dr. Steven Frye, Director, School of Interdisciplinary Studies  x3904
Dr. Dennis Tennant, Interim Director, School of Professional Studies x3300
Library and Learning Assistance
Sharon Holderman, Interim Dean  x3884
School of Nursing    
Dr. Kim Hanna, Dean x3203
Dr. Barbara Jared, Director  x3460

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