Faculty Handbook

Deans, Chairs, and Directors

College of Agriculture and Human Ecology
Dr. Bruce Greene, Interim Dean bgreene@tntech.edu x3149
Dr. Melinda Anderson, Director, School of Human Ecology manderson@tntech.edu x3157
Dr. Dennis Duncan, Director, School of Agriculture dduncan@tntech.edu x3012
Chris Kohl, Director, Student Success Center ckohl@tntech.edu x6850
College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Paul Semmes, Dean   psemmes@tntech.edu x3118
Dr. Kurt Eisen, Associate Dean   keisen@tntech.edu x3139 
Dr. Chris Brown, Chair, Biology  cabrown@tntech.edu x6258
Dr. Jeff Boles, Chair, Chemistry   jboles@tntech.edu x3421
Dr. Brenda Wilson, Interim Chair, Communication  brendawilson@tntech.edu  x3060
Dr. Michael Harrison, Chair, Earth Sciences   mharrison@tntech.edu  x3121
Dr. Ted Pelton, Chair, English   tpelton@tntech.edu x3343
Dr. Martin Sheehan, Interim Chair, Foreign Languages   msheehan@tntech.edu  x6535
Dr. Jeffery Roberts, Chair, History   jjroberts@tntech.edu x3332 
Dr. Allan Mills, Chair, Mathematics  amills@tntech.edu   x3441
Dr. Stephen Robinson, Chair, Physics   sjrobinson@tntech.edu  x3483
Dr. Loretta Maxwell, Chair, Sociology and Political Science   lmmaxwell@tntech.edu x3683
Edith Duvier, Director, Student Success Center   eduvier@tntech.edu x3610
College of Business
Dr. Thomas Payne, Dean   tpayne@tntech.edu x3372
Dr. Ramachandran Natarajan, Associate Dean, Mayberry Chair Professor rnat@tntech.edu x3001
Dr. Richard Rand, Chair, Accounting   richardrand@tntech.edu x6121
Dr. Tom Timmerman, Chair, Decision Sciences and Management   ttimmerman@tntech.edu x3160
Dr. Alice Camuti, Interim Chair, Economics, Finance, and Marketing   acamuti@tntech.edu  x6006
Kate Nicewicz, Director, MBA Program  knicewicz@tntech.edu x3600
Julie Galloway, Director, Student Success Center   jgalloway@tntech.edu x3371
 College of Education
Dr. Lisa Zagumny, Dean   lzagumny@tntech.edu  x3177 
Dr. Julie Baker, Associate Dean   jcbaker@tntech.edu  x3095 
Dr. Barry Stein, Chair, Counseling and Psychology bstein@tntech.edu  bstein@tntech.edu  x3457 
Dr. Jeremy Wendt, Chair, Curriculum and Instruction   jwendt@tntech.edu  x3181 
Dr. Christy Killman, Chair, Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Wellness   ckillman@tntech.edu  x3468 
Dr. Amy Brown, Director, Teacher Education   abbrown@tntech.edu  x3859 
Dr. Julie Baker, Director, Student Success Center   jcbaker@tntech.edu x3177 
College of Engineering
Dr. Jessica Oswalt, Interim Dean   joswalt@tntech.edu x3260
Dr. Vahid Motevalli, Assoc. Dean, Research and Innovation  vmotevalli@tntech.edu  x3833
Dr. Pedro Arce, Chair, Chemical Engineering   parce@tntech.edu x3297
Dr. Benjamin Mohr, Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering   bmohr@tntech.edu x3454
Dr. Jerry Gannod, Chair, Computer Science  jgannod@tntech.edu  x6855
Dr. Satish Mahajan, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering   smahajan@tntech.edu  x3615
Dr. Chris Wilson, Chair, General and Basic Engineering   chriswilson@tntech.edu x3216
Dr. Ahmed ElSawy, Chair, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology   aelsawy@tntech.edu x3263
Dr. Mohan Rao, Chair, Mechanical Engineering   mrao@tntech.edu x3254 
Dr. Satish Mahajan, Director, Center for Energy Systems Research   smahajan@tntech.edu x3615
Dr. Ying Zhang, Director, Center for Manufacturing Research   yzang@tntech.edu  x3265 
Dr. Ambareen Siraj, Director, Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center   asiraj@tntech.edu  x3448 
Harry Ingle, Director, Student Success Center   hingle@tntech.edu  x3833
College of Fine Arts
Dr. Jennifer Shank, Dean   jshank@tntech.edu  x3124 
Kimberly Winkle, Director, Art, Craft and Design   kwinkle@tntech.edu x3051 
Debra Ruzinsky, Director, Craft Center   druzinsky@tntech.edu  x6875 
Dr. Wendy Mullen, Director, Music wmullen@tntech.edu  x3167 
College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Mike Gotcher, Dean  mgotcher@tntech.edu  x6161 
Dr. Hayden Mattingly, Director, School of Environmental Studies   hmattingly@tntech.edu  x3507 
Dr. Steven Frye, Director, School of Interdisciplinary Studies   sfrye@tntech.edu  x6241 
Dr. Joseph Roberts, Director, School of Professional Studies   jmroberts@tntech.edu  x6223 
Dr. Dennis Tennant, Director, Extended Programs dtennant@tntech.edu x3394
Jeannie Smith, Director, Student Success Center   jeanniesmith@tntech.edu  x6238 
Library and Learning Assistance
Dr. Doug Bates, Dean dbates@tntech.edu x3408
Lydia Kendall, Director, Testing and Learning Center lkendall@tntech.edu x3380
School of Nursing
Dr. Kim Hanna, Interim Dean khanna@tntech.edu x3203
 Dr. Barbara Jared, Director bjared@tntech.edu  x3460

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