Faculty Handbook

Promotion & Tenure

Faculty Tenure Description & Process

The quality of the faculty of any university is maintained primarily through support of a wide variety of professional development. It is monitored through the appraisal, by competent faculty and administrative officers, of each candidate for tenure. Tenure at Tennessee Technological University provides certain full-time faculty with the assurance of continued employment during the academic year until retirement or dismissal for adequate cause, financial exigency, or curricular reasons, as further discussed herein.

Promotion Description & Process

Promotion in academic rank is recognition of past achievement of the faculty member being considered for promotion. In addition, promotion in rank is usually recognition of future potential and a sign of confidence that the individual is capable of greater accomplishments and of assuming greater responsibilities.

It is the policy of Tennessee Technological University to make promotions primarily on considerations of merit, tempered by considerations of institutional mission and fiscal responsibility. In maintaining this policy, promotions are made objectively, equitably, impartially, and as recognition of merit in accordance with the criteria contained in this policy.

Promotion Salary Increases

When a faculty member is promoted, they are awarded an increase to their base salary (typically a 9-month salary). The increase is either a percentage of their current salary or a fixed amount, whichever is larger. Below is a list of the current promotion salary increases:

  • Instructor/Lecturer to Senior Lecturer = 10% or $5000
  • Senior Instructor/Lecturer to Master Instructor/Lecturer = 10% or $5000
  • Instructor to Assistant = 10% or $6,000
  • Assistant to Associate = 10% or $7,500
  • Associate to Professor = 10% or $10,000

Tenure and Promotion Policies

The tenure and promotion policies are available through Policy Central.

  • Policy 205: Faculty Tenure (details on attaining tenure)
  • Policy 207: Tenured Faculty (details on tenure once tenure is attained)
  • Policy 206: Faculty Promotion (details on attaining promotion)

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