Accessing the Insights Portal

Insights Portal dashboards transform iLearn data into interactive visualizations, giving instructors the “big picture” of student performance and course highlights. Three types of dashboards are offered:  Engagement, Learner Engagement and Assessment Quality. The Engagement and Learner Engagement Dashboards provide visualizations that are designed to help instructors to identify at-risk learners, provide interventions, and to keep students on track. The Assessment Quality Dashboard provides statistics visualizations for quiz reliability, average grades and correlations. 

Accessing the Insights Portal 

  1. From the iLearn Home Page, select Insights Portal on the navigation bar to access the Insights Dashboards.

    Insights Portal in Navbar

  2. The Insights Portal is organized into the three dashboards shown below.

    Insights Dashboards

  3. Access the different dashboards
    1. Engagement
    2. Learner Engagement
    3. Assessment Quality

Learn more about the Insights Portal dashboards.