iLearn Insights Dashboards

The Insights Portal will be available on Monday, December 12.

The Insights Portal is a collection of reporting visualizations and dashboards which provide a more strategic view of your organization using advanced analytics. You can use them to dig deeper into adoption and engagement within a course or across the organization. The Insights Portal for faculty contains the three dashboards listed below.

Access the Insights Portal Dashboards

Assessment Quality Dashboard

Allows users to understand the quality of assessments using quiz and question statistics such as reliability, average grade, and correlation for all quiz and question types (except question pools). This dashboard includes visualizations for quiz and question statistics.

Engagement Dashboard

Allows users to identify individuals or groups who are succeeding or are at-risk. This includes visualizations for last course access, assignment completions, and time spent in content.

Learner Engagement Dashboard

Allows users to review engagement metrics, such as course activity, assignment status, and course history, for an individual learner across all their courses.

Additional Statistics Information

Course Overview Widget

Displays high-level aggregate information about a course and links to course-specific reports. The Course Overview widget is currently on all course homepages. This includes Class Engagement within the specific course.