College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Credit for Prior Learning

Get College Credit for Prior Learning

Did you know you can get up to 6 hours college credit for your prior learning if you are an Interdisciplinary or Professional Studies major?

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  • A maximum of 12 elective credits may be requested for college-level learning achieved through work or volunteer experience that (a) closely relates to the major; (b) equates with skills, knowledge, or perspectives currently taught in courses required for the major; and (c) involves analysis or reflection at the undergraduate level or higher.
  • Must have at least five (5) years professional experience.
  • Portfolios cannot be submitted during the student's final semester. Cannot receive course match credit or concentration area credit.
  • To request credit for work or volunteer experience, please fill out the following form and mail to the College of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Previous Military Credit Given

Evaluation Rubric: CoIS

To be considered by the review committee, portfolios must be received by February 28 or September 30.

Mail to:
Attn: Director, COIS Student Success Center
Southwest Hall, Room 146
TTU Box 5176
Cookeville, TN 38505-0001