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It's Not Too Late

You can still enroll in the credit and non-credit courses listed on this page.

For more information, contact Dennis Tennant at (931) 372-3300.

Extended Programs is part of the College of Interdisciplinary Studies.

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Extended Programs & Regional Development (EPRD)

EPRD seeks to give you access to education by offering alternatives to the traditional college experience in Tennessee. Through distance learning and partnerships with other schools at off-campus locations, we make a college education more accessible to more Tennesseans.

EPRD provides interdisciplinary opportunities, innovative degrees/programs, rapid response to student need, and the technological infrastructure for faculty who create distance-learning course delivery systems. Known for its flexibility which allows it to respond rapidly to marketplace demands, EPRD delivers courses and programs either through electronic distance learning, at off-campus sites throughout our service area, or in the evenings or on weekends.


The College of Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) and Extended Programs & Regional Development (EPRD) aspire to be recognized as the partner of choice in expanding access to a broad array of high-quality education alternatives, thus impacting the cultural, economic, and social growth for citizens in TTU’s service area and beyond with expansion into the global economy.


The overall mission of the College of Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) and Extended Programs & Regional Development (EPRD) is to provide innovative, high quality education
opportunities in response to the changing needs of a diverse population within
TTU’s service area and beyond.



In-depth professional development and career certificate programs, instructor-facilitated, online courses

Find a career program suited to your specifications or achieve your professional development requirements conveniently from your home or office. That career certificate may be just what your employer needs to bump you up a notch or two.

Arrange training for employees no matter how many or where they are located. Interact and learn with peers, from expert instructors.

You like to learn at your own pace, in your own way. These courses will help you do just that, and the low cost and convenience may keep you coming back for more.

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