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School of Interdisciplinary Studies

School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Science Degree: Interdisciplinary Studies / Create Your Own Major

What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

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  • A bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies is designed to allow students to customize a course of study that matches their personal and professional interests.

  • Your major will be designed around a theme, significant topic or problem creating a degree program directed at your individual career goals.

  • Program available on-campus and online.

What can I do with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree?

  • An Interdisciplinary Studies degree provides students with a cross-disciplinary perspective and prepares them for a variety of careers with breadth of knowledge and excellent problem solving skills for today’s changing work environment.

Course Outline

Interdisciplinary Studies at TTU / On-Campus & Online

On-Campus at Tennessee Tech

Online through Tennessee Tech / Regents Online Degree Program

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Bachelor of Science | Interdisciplinary Studies
Course Outline

120 Credit Hours | Create Your Own Major

Freshman Courses (30 hrs)

Sophomore Courses (30 hrs)

Choose one of the following ENGL courses.

  • ENGL 2130 – American Literature (3)
  • ENGL 2230 – British Literature (3)
  • ENGL 2330 – World Literature (3)
  • HIST 2010 – American History I (3)
  • HIST 2020 – American History II (3)

Choose the SPCH or PC course.

  • SPCH 2410 – Intro to Speech Communication (3)
  • PC 2500 – Communicating in the Professions (3)
  • Social / Behavioral Science Electives (6)
  • Electives Credit (12)

Junior Courses (30 hrs)

  • Concentration Area Credits (12)
  • Electives Credits (18)

Senior Courses (30 hrs)

  • Concentration Area Credits (12)
  • Electives Credits (15)
  • UNIV 4995 – PRST/LIST Culminating Project* (3)
    • *NOTE: UNIV 4995 is completed in the student’s last semester; all concentration requirements must be completed prior to the Culminating Project.