Faculty Research Committee

  • Committee Procedures

    1. Name:  Faculty Research Committee

    2. Purpose:  The purpose of the Faculty Research Committee will be:

    • To stimulate the interest in research on the part of the faculty.
    • To establish and administer policies and standards in connection with faculty research funds, from which assistance may be provided to faculty members who wish to undertake research projects.
    • To assist in the dissemination of information developed in faculty research projects through the publication of research bulletins and through other appropriate media of information dissemination available to the Committee.

    3. Members

    a. The Faculty Research Committee will consist of the following members appointed by the President in accordance with approved procedures:

    • Faculty: A minimum of nine (9) faculty members with representation from the five colleges and one school as follows:
      1. College of Agriculture and Human Sciences -- one member
      2. College of Arts and Sciences -- two members -- one designated in the sciences/math and one in the social sciences/humanities
      3. College of Business Administration -- one member
      4. College of Education -- two members -- one designated in the field of professional education and one in the fine arts
      5. College of Engineering -- two members -- both to be chosen from the different disciplines represented in the college

    b. Terms of Office: Members will serve terms of three (3) years beginning at the time of appointment. Appointments are to be effective at the beginning of the fall semester, and all appointments are subject to renewal at the discretion of the President.

    c. Attendance at Meetings: If a member must be absent from a meeting, the Executive Office should immediately be notified. Either the Chairperson or the Executive Officer will contact the appropriate dean for an alternate. The alternate must be the same department and will have the same rights and privileges as the member for whom he/she is serving.

    4. Officers

    • Chairperson: The Chairperson will be elected annually from the committee membership. The Chairperson will:
      1. Preside at all meetings or designate another member to preside.
      2. Prepare a tentative agenda for each meeting (when feasible) for distribution to committee members prior to the meeting.
      3. Have minutes prepared for distribution to committee members.
      4. Call special meetings when necessary.
      5. Appoint ad hoc subcommittees as needed.
      6. Execute the policies prescribed by these procedures and by parliamentary authority adopted by the committee.
    • Executive Officer: The President shall appoint a staff member to serve as Executive Officer and resource person and to provide staff support services.

    5. Meetings

    • One regular meeting shall be held each semester of the academic year. If it is deemed necessary, the date and time of the regular meetings may be changed by the Chairperson provided all members of the committee are notified of the change.
    • The Chairperson may call a special meeting when such action is deemed necessary.
    • Items for consideration on the agenda of meetings may be submitted to the Chairperson by members of the committee or by faculty members.
    • The agenda shall be adopted at the beginning of each meeting by a majority of members present.
    • A majority of the membership of the committee shall constitute a quorum.

    6. Parliamentary Authority:  The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the committee in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these procedures.

    7. Technical Authority:  The provisions of the Handbook for Faculty Research Committee Grants shall govern the committee's actions with respect to individual proposals.

    8. Amendment of Procedures:  These procedures may be amended at any regular meeting of the committee by a majority vote of the total membership provided the amendment has been submitted in writing to each committee member at least one week prior to the meeting. Amendments to the procedures are subject to final approval by the Administrative Council.

    9. Flow of Recommendations:  The committee will transmit its report and recommendations on individual research proposals to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval.

    10. Effective Date of Implementation:  These procedures shall become effective upon approval by the Administrative Council.




  • Members

    2018-2019 Members

    Name Classification Campus Box No.  Email  Term Expires
    Dr. Curtis Armstrong Faculty 5022 carmstrong@tntech.edu 2021
    Dr. Seth King Faculty 5042 saking@tntech.edu 2020
    Dr. Allen Driggers Faculty 5064 edriggers@tntech.edu 2020
    Dr. Joe Biernacki Faculty 5013 jbiernacki@tntech.edu 2020
    Dr. Steven Frye Faculty 5176 sfrye@tntech.edu 2020
    Dr. Catherine Godes Faculty 5045 cgodes@tntech.edu 2020
    Dr. Brad Cook Faculty 5063 sbcook@tntech.edu 2020
    Dr. Melinda Swafford Faculty 5035 mswafford@tntech.edu 2019
    Dr. Rachel Hall Faculty 5001 rmhall@tntech.edu 2019
    Executive Officer to Provide Staff Support Services: VP for Research and Economic Development      
    Nonvoting Resource Person: Mr. Greg Holt      

  • Minutes

    Contact the Office of Research (research@tntech.edu or (931) 372-3202) for requests to view minutes of the Faculty Research Committee.

  • Handbook

    Faculty Research Handbook (Revised January 2019)

  • Faculty Research Grants


    Faculty Research Committee Grant Guidelines for 2019-20 Deadline for applications is January 24, 2019, at noon. 
    PLEASE EMAIL APPLICATION MATERIALS TO NCLARK@TNTECH.EDU. FOR QUESTIONS, CALL EXTENSION 3202. Duration of award – July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020



    2019-20 Application Materials

    The Faculty Research Grants Program is divided into two tracks:

    TRACK I is intended to support (a) research that would lead to publication(s) in refereed journal(s) or other nationally recognized form of dissemination appropriate to the discipline and (b) travel to conferences to present papers or other creative works.

    TRACK II is intended to provide seed funding to initiate and develop research projects or programs that lead to external funding.

    Guidelines for Track I and Track II Proposals

    A. Applicants must be full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty.

    B. Proposals will be evaluated based on (i) their intellectual merit, (ii) potential for external grant proposals, except TRACK I, and (iii) reasonableness of the budget.

    C. Department Chair/Director will be required to endorse an applicant's proposal agreeing to adhere to the budget requirements in terms of release time.

    D. Both full-time tenured faculty and full-time tenure-track faculty can apply for TRACK I awards, with the exception that a full-time tenure-track faculty member is limited to two TRACK I awards while on tenure-track.

    E. TRACK II awardees will be required to submit a proposal to an outside agency within a year of completion of the project.

    F. A faculty will not be eligible for a second TRACK II if item E is not met.

    G. Proposals will be considered ineligible for consideration by the Committee if any of the following conditions is satisfied:

    • Proposers who are administrative personnel;
    • Previous awardees of TRACK II who have not submitted a proposal to an outside agency;
    • Proposals by faculty to complete requirements for their own degree;
    • Proposals that are substantially similar to those previously funded by the Faculty Research Grants Program;
    • Proposals that have received external funding;
    • Proposals that are not in compliance with instructions for preparing the narrative

    H. Amount funded by release time is limited to $3,000. Requests for release time will be at the same rate as departmental adjunct faculty.


    TRACK I: Approximately 30% of the remaining FRGP funds will be designated as TRACK I funds and awards will be limited to $3,000 per project.

    TRACK II: Approximately 70% of the remaining funds will be designated as TRACK II funds, and awards will be limited to $10,000 per project.

    Priority in funding will be given to tenure-track faculty, interdisciplinary projects, or cross-college projects.

    Recipients are required to provide the Committee with final reports submitted on the Final Report Form (Appendix F). It should summarize the results of the entire project and should be provided to the Committee no later than October 1 following the funding year. The Committee will not consider any request for funding of a new project until the required final report on the previously completed project has been received.



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