Research and Creative Inquiry Day

With the recent developments regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the in-person Research and Creative Inquiry Day scheduled for April 13 and 14 is cancelled. We will be moving forward with the event in a digital format.  Please see details below.

Research and Creative Inquiry Day is an annual event designed to promote student research and creative inquiry and provide a venue for presenting that work. This event is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all departments who want to display their research and creative projects. 

Please use #researchday2020 when talking about the event on social media. 

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As was announced last week, due to the continuing developments regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the 2020 Research and Creative Inquiry event will be moving forward in a digital format. Our primary goals are to provide students with the experience of preparing an abstract and poster, while ensuring there is no additional burden placed on them in light of all of the new circumstances they are navigating.

PLEASE NOTE:  Participating students who have submitted an abstract should create a PDF version of their posters and send them via email to  The subject line of the email should read "Poster Submission."  Please also see further updated guidelines under the Research Day Guidelines drop-down below.

Revised Event Timeline:

  • Monday, April 20:  Deadline to submit a PDF file of your poster via email to  The subject line of the email should read "Poster Submission."
  • April 21-24:  Judges will evaluate the posters based on the evaluation forms posted below under the Research Day Guidelines drop-down. 
  • Week of April 27:  Winners will be announced and winning certificates mailed. 

Creative Inquiry Project Videos 

  • In conjunction with this year's event, you are invited to view three creative media inquiry projects that are available below.  The videos were developed in the Social Problems (SOC 1650) class taught by Dr. Ada Haynes, professor of Sociology, during the Fall 2019 semester.  During this course, students explored a social problem through research with a creative inquiry and sociological lens.  As part of the QEP-sponsored redesign of the course assisted by Jacob Kelly and Dr. Andrea Arce-Trigatti, students developed creative projects displaying an effective media campaign that promoted awareness and/or offered an innovative solution to the social problem studied.  Three videos were selected for inclusion in this event.  

    1.  Primary Author:  Arrianna Littlefield, "Adolescent Depression and the Effects of the
        Mental Illness on Adulthood"  (you must log in with your TTU username and password to
        view this video)
    2.  Primary Author: Kelsey Miller, "Food Insecurity Among Children
    3.  Primary Author:  Jamellia Potts, "Domestic Violence Against Women

  • Research Day Guidelines


    • Note: Multiple authors are allowed in either format; however, a primary author must be designated. A student may only serve as the primary author on one project. 


    • An electronic version of the typical printed proceedings will be made available to all participants and the campus community in late April. For those who selected yes on the abstract submission form, abstracts and posters will be published in the online journal, Proceedings of Student Research and Creative Inquiry Day.


    • As stated on the abstract submission form, all posters will be grouped according to your research advisor’s department and winners will be selected from each participating department, with separate selections made for undergraduates, master's and Ph.D. winners. In an effort to recognize more students for their efforts, additional winners will be selected in categories with more than 10 entries.

    • Each poster will be evaluated by two judges based on the following evaluation forms for the types of submissions:

    Research Project | Literature-Based Study |
    Paper Presentation

    • Note that the first item listed under Appearance and Organization will not be scored since it is not relevant to a digital event.  


    Paper Presentation Guidelines

    • Each paper presentation will be 12-15 minutes in length. 
    • Each paper should have been previously submitted in an English course.  The abstract should identify the course for which the paper was originally written.  

    Poster Guidelines

    • Effective poster presentations typically include: (a) introduction; (b) description of the method or technique used; (c) results obtained; (d) discussion of results; (e) conclusion/recommendation(s); (f) references; (g) acknowledgement of support.

    Poster Design 

    • While in-person poster design workshops for Spring 2020 are cancelled, the workshop content is available in an online video: Designing Research Posters: Basic Design Tips (53:16).
    • Additional poster-design information, including templates, can be found on the Library's website.  As always, if you would like individual assistance with your poster or have questions about poster instruction, contact Holly Mills (Public Services Librarian, Assistant Professor).
    • Poster content should be developed in landscape format. An example poster template is available here.  Only the 36 inches x 48 inches (landscape) template would be appropriate for the poster used for this event.

  • Submit an Abstract 

    The abstract submission portal is closed.  No more abstracts will be accepted.  

  • Judging Registration

     The judge registration link is closed.  

  • Research Day Archive 

    Please see the Archive page for previous years' Research Days.


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