Presidential Scholars

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Presidential Scholars

Freshmen Scholarships

The Presidential Scholars program offers guaranteed scholarships to high school students with good to great grades and test scores. Just submit your application by December 15 and meet the qualifications. New freshmen who meet the below requirements are guaranteed this scholarship if they apply for admission by December 15th.

The ACT and High School GPA provided and used to be admitted will be used to determine eligibility. December ACT scores and final fall grades can be used to improve scholarship if received by January 15, 2023. No adjustments to scholarships will be made for scores or grades received after those two parameters. Review after January 15, 2023 will only occur if a Request for Exception is submitted by student.

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$10,000 Annually
$40,000 Four Years
3.75+ GPA & 36 ACT 

$8,000 Annually
$32,000 Four Years
3.75+ GPA & 35 ACT 

$5,000 Annually
$20,000 Four Years
3.75+ GPA & 30-34 ACT 

$4,000 Annually
$16,000 Four Years
3.4+ GPA & 25-29 ACT 

$3,000 Annually
$12,000 Four Years
3.4+ GPA & 23-24 ACT 

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Fearless Falls

Golden Opportunity Grant

This $2,500 need-based grant requires a completed scholarship application. Priority will be given to students with a 3.2-3.39 GPA and 22 ACT. 

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Departmental Scholarships

Nearly $4 million awarded each year based on a variety of criteria. Once admitted, students need to complete the Tech Scholarship Application.

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Running of the Freshmen

Tech Has Its Own Promise!

Tech Promise helps more students pay for college. This last dollar scholarship covers any outstanding tuition and mandatory fees. 


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