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Student Government Association

2020 Election Results

Executive Officers

Candidates for President

Courtney Fowler - 449 Votes
Aaron Lay - 770 Votes

Candidates for Vice President

Zach Brown - 825 Votes
Jackson Lelle - 388 Votes

Candidates for Treasurer

Nia Buntin - 750 Votes
Faith Judkins - 470 Votes

Candidates for Secretary

Alexis Harvey - 740 Votes
Blake Horton - 475 Votes


Agriculture &
 Ecology (2)

Courtney Fowler (39)
Nathanial McClard (22)
Caraline Partin (34)
Austin Wattenbarger (36)
Halie White (44)

Arts & Sciences (6)

Kat Hawkins (42)
Blake Horton (97)
Cannon Johnson (81)
Callie Johnson (74)
Faith Judkins (97)
Jackson Lelle (54)
Samuel LeFave (64)
Emmery Mealer (67)
Dustin Tabor (48)
McKinley Thomas (90)

Business (3)

Kelly Bell (91)

Education (4)

Savannah Griffin (58)
Allyssa Peters (51)
Kinsey Trent (82)
Dulce Valenzuela (72)
Maggie Vaughn (56)

Engineering (7)

Mariam Abbas (92)
Andrew Alley (62)
Colton Lunn (74)
Renie Morrow (111)

Fine Arts (1)


Studies (1)


Nursing (2)

Melody Roth (46)

Graduate Studies (3)

Kinsey Potter (45)


SGA Election Rules 2020

As a candidates for Student Government Association office, you agree to conduct yourself and your campaign in an ethical manner that best represents Tennessee Tech University.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SGA President at

  • Candidate Requirements

    Executive Branch

    1. All elected members of the Executive Branch shall be full-time students of the University, unless on Co-op status with Tennessee Tech, and shall not serve more than two years in the same office.

    2. The President and Vice President shall be of at least junior standing the beginning in the fall semester following their election.

    3. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be of at least sophomore standing beginning in the fall semester following their election.

    4. Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates must have served SGA for at least one academic year, including, but not limited to: the Senate, the Supreme Court, Executive Office, and/or the Executive Cabinet.

    Legislative Branch

    1. Senators shall be full-time students during their term of office.

    2. Senators shall maintain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average throughout his/her term of office.

    3. Senators from colleges and schools shall maintain a major within the college or school from which they were elected.

  • Candidate Submission Requirements

    All candidates must submit the following by 11 AM on Tuesday, April 7th:

    1. Acknowledgment of Rules

    2. Candidate Information Sheet

    3. Headshot (for voting ballot and SGA election promotions)

    4. Petition


    All candidates (Executive and Legislative) must have a minimum of 25 signatures from current students.

  • Candidates’ Meeting

    The official candidates’ meeting for executive officer candidates and senate candidates will be Tuesday, April 7th at 11:30 AM via an online videoconferencing platform. All candidates that have submitted the Candidate Information Sheet, Petitions, and Acknowledgment of Rules by 11:00 AM will receive an invite to the meeting. The invite will be sent to your Tech email.

  • Active Campaigning

    1. Active campaigning shall begin after the official candidates meeting.

    2. Active campaigning shall not interfere with the academic life or integrity of the student body or the individual students.

    3. Active campaigning includes the all activity on social media that promotes any campaign, advertisement in campus news and/or radio, email, phone/video calls, or any other media where the candidate is asking at mass for support from voters.

    4. Due to concerns related to COVID-19, no in person campaigning is allowed on campus.

  • Budgets

    1. Campaign funds shall be limited to $750.00.

    2. Each budget should itemize all purchases and donations in connection with the candidate’s campaign. This budget should not exceed $750.00.

    3. Candidates must turn in an itemized and all receipts to the SGA President by:

      1. Executive: April 22, 2020 by 12:00 PM

      2. Senate: April 29, 2020 by 12:00 PM

    4. Budgets should be prepared for each candidate. No pairs or groups of candidates may combine budgets or campaign material unless the candidates agree to a combined budget that does not exceed $750.00.

    5. Candidates, or any organization of the candidates, shall not apply for SOLO funding for the purpose of promoting a candidate or the promotion of the election.

    6. If a candidate does not comply with the set budget, it will result in an immediate disqualification from the election.

  • Election Day

    1. Executive Branch elections will take place on Tuesday, April 21 from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.

    2. Legislative (Senate) elections will take place on Tuesday, April 28 from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.

    3. Elections will be held online. The link to the voting server will be posted on the SGA website and social media on the day of the election.

    4. Polls will close at 4:30 PM and counting will begin immediately following.

    5. The election results will be posted on the SGA website: and social media.

  • Prohibited Conduct

    1. No campaigning (physically) on campus will be allowed in including posters, advertisements, etc.

    2. No candidate, nor agents of candidates, shall bribe or coerce students into voting. Bribes include but are not limited to: the promise or exchange of goods, favors, and/or drawing entries for raffles for promised votes.

    3. It is the responsibility of the candidate to inform their respective organizations of the SGA election rules.

    4. The collection of TNumbers and/or PIN numbers will be strictly prohibited. With proof of the collection of any student voter login information, the candidate will be immediately disqualified from the election and referred to the Dean of Students.

  • Campaign Violations

    The SGA Election Commission Committee shall determine and enforce all rules regarding SGA elections. If an alleged violation is filed against a candidate, the candidate will be notified and have an opportunity to appear before the commission or submit a short statement/explanation regarding alleged violation prior to a ruling by the Election Commission. The Election Commission Committee will follow strict guidelines to ensure fair and ethical rulings are made based on the violation.

    Possible consequences for being found in violation of the rules are as follows:

    1. Probation: A probationary period means that if the candidate is found violating the rules again before the final budgets and receipts are approved, the candidate is disqualified.

    2. Subtraction of Votes :The Election Commission may find that a candidate has given themselves an illegal or unfair advantage in the election and may choose to take away that advantage by the subtraction of votes based on the severity of the violation. No more than two-hundred and fifty (250) votes may be subtracted.

    3. Disqualification

  • Begin Your Application

    How to Create A Petition

    1. Visit

    2. Create an account by selecting “Join”

    3. Select “Start A Petition”

    4. Enter a “Petition Title” (ex. Vote Tom Hanks for VP of Nice People)

    5. The petition title you enter will populate a web address

    6. Add “Petition Text” (optional – you can explain why you have chosen to run for SGA, campaign platform, etc.).

    7. Upload an image (optional)

    8. Finish by selecting “Publish Petition”

    Distributing the Petition

    • You may now email or text the petition link to students and asked them to consider signing it.

    • When a student opens the link to your petition, they will be asked for: Name, Email, Comments

    • Very important – Please ask EVERY STUDENT to enter their STUDENT EMAIL in the COMMENTS

    • You can check the status of your petition any time in your iPetitions account by selecting “dashboard” under your account name then selecting “manage petition” under “my petitions.” You can view signatures by selecting the “signatures” tab.

    Submitting the Petition to SGA

    • Once you have collected the required number and type of signatures (see criteria above), submit your petition to SGA by selecting “Dashboard” under your account name then selecting “Manage Petition” under “My Petitions.” View signatures by selecting the “Signatures” tab and select “download for PDF.”

    • Once the PDF downloads, save it to your computer and email to

    • You will received acknowledgment your petition was received by SGA.

    Acknowledgment of Rules & Candidate Information

    Prior to beginning this step, please be sure you have the following items ready for submission:

    1. Headshot

    2. iPetition Link

    To submit your online Acknowledgment & Candidate information form follow the link below.


    To access the SGA Election Rules in document form, follow the link below.


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