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        A Student Government Association initiative in partnership with the TN Tech Counseling Center.
A Student Government Association Initiative
Eagle Eye Crisis Hotline Information
A Mental Health Matters Partner
  • About the Mental Health Matters Initiative

    The Student Government Association recognizes the importance of addressing the mental health of Tennessee Tech students. The American College Health Association found in 2019 that 87% of college students felt overwhelmed by all they had to do, 66% felt overwhelming anxiety, 56% felt things were hopeless, and 13% seriously considered suicide. In 2020 and beyond, students face the added pressures of a global pandemic, racial tensions, and civil unrest. We feel it is time to take measures to combat these staggering statistics. 

    Now, more than any other time in history, students must be empowered to address their own mental health and support each other. The Mental Health Matters initiative seeks to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by openly engaging in dialogue about the topic and encouraging students to take advantage of the many free resources offered by the Counseling Center. Please join us in starting the conversation and taking a stance against the stigma. Golden Eagles, your mental health matters.

>>> Eagle Eye Crisis Hotline

For 24/7 available counselors please call the Eagle Eye Crisis Hotline (931) 372-3331 or (855) 206-8997.


>>> Tennessee Tech Counseling Center

 For non-emergencies you can make an appointment with the Counseling Center via the Eagle Wellness Portal or by calling (931) 372-3331.

Schedule an Appointment

>>> Suicide Prevention Program

Hope Strong Eagles Logo

Suicidal issues are a concern everywhere, including on college campuses. The #HopeStrongEagles Suicide Prevention Program is committed to addressing the issues related to suicide on campus.

Visit #HopeStrongEagles Suicide Prevention Program

>>> WellTrack Self-Help Interactive Therapy AppWell Track Logo

The Counseling Center is excited to announce the addition of WellTrack. This is a new mental health app with a self-guided approach to the therapeutic process. Log on and get started today!


>>> Workshops, Support Groups, & Trainings

The Counseling Center hosts a number of digital workshops, facilitates support groups, and training opportunities regarding topics such as suicide prevention, COVID-19 support, sexual assault, anxiety and depression, stress management, substance abuse and more. Visit the Counseling Center website for a complete list of offerings.


>>> Wellness and Productivity Apps

A list of wellness and productivity apps that are recommended by the Counseling Center is available at the link below.


Choose from the topics below to view available resources:

Addiction Anxiety Bullying Depression
Eating Disorders Grief Helping Others LGBTQA
Relationship Violence SELF ESTEEM  SELF INJURY Sexual Assault
Substance Abuse Suicide Trauma Veterans

>>> Anxiety    

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>>> Bullying

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>>> Depression

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>>> Eating Disorders

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>>> Grief

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>>> Helping Others

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>>> Relationship Violence, Sexual Assault, & Trauma

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>>> Self-Esteem

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>>> Self-Injury

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>>> Substance Abuse & Addiction

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>>> Suicide

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>>> Veterans

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Mental Health Emergency Assistance

A situation is considered to be a mental health emergency when there is an immediate risk of psychological or physical harm.

Eagle Eye Crisis Hotline (24/7)

(931) 372-3331
(855) 206-8997

University Police (On Campus)

(931) 372-3234

Local Law Enforcement (Off Campus)

Call 911

Local Emergency Room

CRMC is located at 1 Medical Center BLVD

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