Campus Community Health • HEERF I, II & III

Student Government Association


2022-2023 Senate 

  • Accessible Education

    Cole LeSar Headshot

    Cole LeSar


  • College of Agriculture & Human Ecology

    Madison Jones Headshot

    Madison Jones


    Carson Fulford Headshot

    Carson Fulford

  • College of Arts & Sciences

    Marlee Miller Headshot

    Marlee Miller


    Daniel Braun Headshot

    Daniel Braun

    Brynn Hagar Headshot

    Brynn (Emma) Hagar

  • College of Business

    Mattea Trusty Headshot

    Mattea Trusty

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    Lauryn Waldron


  • College of Education

    Marc Hardin Headshot

    Marc Hardin

    Kamyah Crowley Headshot

    Kamyah Crowley

    Macey Miller



  • College of Engineering

    Sahera Abumariam Headshot

    Sahera Abumariam

    Pooja Patel Headshot

    Pooja Patel

    Samantha Bugter Headshot

    Samantha Bugter

    Russel Perry Headshot

    Russel Perry

    Zenayda Garcia Headshot

    Zenayda Garcia

    Hannah Thomas Headshot

    Hannah Thomas


    Aaron Stewart Headshot

    Aaron Stewart


  • College of Fine Arts

    Lucas Schafer Headshot

    Lucas Schafer

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  • College of Interdisciplinary Studies

    Lindsey Taylor Headshot

    Lindsey Taylor

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  • College of Nursing

    Jeb MacLennan Headshot

    Jeb MacLennan

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  • Freshman Senate

    Jacob Bruce Headshot

    Jacob Bruce

    Kelsey Hewitt Headshot

    Kelsey Hewitt

    Emma Parson Headshot

    Emma Parson


    Harrison Simpson Headshot

    Harrison Simpson

    Cheyenne Bare


  • Graduate Programs

    Rachel Craighead Headshot

    Rachel Craighead

    Joshua Gordon Headshot

    Joshua Gordon

    Yixing Wang Heaadshot

    Yixing Wang


    Tymothy Brandel Headshot

    Tymothy Brandel

  • Honors

    Cameron Legge Headshot

    Cameron Legge


  • International Education

    Abdoul Moussa Modi Headshot

    Abdoul Moussa Modi


  • Intercultural Affairs

    Kenneth Clack Headshot

    Kenneth Clack

    Na'Ouaja Gaines Headshot

    Na'Ouaja Gaines

  • ROTC

    Nick Wiegand Headshot

    Nick Wiegand


  • RHA Representatives

    Keegan Bilodeau Headshot

    Keegan Bilodeau

    Mary Davis Headshot

    Mary Davis

  • Transfer Senate

    Sadie Short Headshot

    Sadie Short

    Nora Jackson


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