Student Government Association


2023-2024 Senate 

  • Accessible Education

    Cole Lesar Headshot

    Cole Lesar



  • College of Agriculture & Human Ecology

    Nora Tervo Headshot

    Nora Tervo


    Abigail Renner Headshot

    Abigail Renner

  • College of Arts & Sciences

    Brenlee Goins Headshot

    Brenlee Goins


    Daniel Braunn Headshot

    Daniel Braun

    Mary Clemmons Headshot

    Mary Clemmons

  • College of Business

    Esma Fidan Headshot

    Esma Fidan

    Raiden Martin Headshot

    Raiden Martin

    Sophia Foster Headshot

    Sophia Foster


  • College of Education

    Hope Boynton Headshot

    Hope Boynton

    Kensea Skelton Headshot

    Kensea Skelton

    Lauralee Hix Headshot

    Lauralee Hix

    Mary Grace Cottrell Headshot

    Mary Grace Cottrell

  • College of Engineering

    Aaron Stewart Headshot

    Aaron Stewart

    Harrison Simpson Headshot

    Harrison Simpson

    Isaac Rogers Headshot

    Isaac Rogers

    Kashaina Nucum Headshot

    Kashaina Nucum

    Pooja Patel Headshot

    Pooja Patel

    Sammi Bugter Headshot

    Sammi Bugter

    Zak Henson Headshot

    Zak Henson


  • College of Fine Arts

    Default Logo


    Default Logo


  • College of Interdisciplinary Studies

    Default Logo


    Default Logo


  • College of Nursing

    Frankie Wolford Headshot

    Frankie Wolford Headshot

    Rebecca Claywell Headshot

    Rebecca Claywell

  • Freshman Senate

    Augusta Long Headshot

    Augusta Long

    Maya Seitz Headshot

    Maya Seitz

    Manny Seay Headshot

    Manny Seay

    Jimmy Guadalupe Headshot

    Jimmy Guadalupe

    Liam Wallace Headshot

    Liam Wallace


  • College of Graduate Studies

    Michele Niec Headshot

    Michele Niec

    Tym Brandel Headshot

    Tym Brandel

    Russell Perry Headshot

    Russell Perry

    Default Logo


  • Honors

    Mason Henderson Headshot

    Mason Henderson


  • International Education

    Senator(s) to be appointed in Fall.

  • Intercultural Affairs

    Kenneth Clack Headshot

    Kenneth Clack

    Default Logo


  • ROTC

    Nicholas Wiegand Headshot

    Nicholas Wiegand


  • RHA Representatives

    Default Logo


    Default Logo


  • Transfer Senate

    Carter Kulick Headshot

    Carter Kulick

    Ashley Porter Headshot

    Ashley Porter

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