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Student Organization S.O.L.O. Funding

The Student Government Association Student Organization Life Opportunity (S.O.L.O) fund provides currently registered student organizations (RSO’s) with funding for student events and activities that benefit campus life.

  • S.O.L.O. Fund Requirements:

    • To be eligible for funding, events must be 1) held on campus and 2) admission must be free for all students. 

    • Requests for use of S.O.L.O. Funds must be applied for and approved prior to the event. Retroactive requests for funding will not be considered.

    • For fall and spring semesters, no more than $2,500 per application and a maximum of $2,500 per semester will be allocated to any registered student organization. There is no limit on the number of applications a registered student organization may submit as long as the total funds for any given semester do not exceed $2,500 per semester

    • A registered student organization may apply to receive more than $2,500 for an event if deemed an exceptional benefit by two-thirds vote of the SGA Senate. Only one application for exceptional benefit per registered student organization per academic year will be considered.

    • For summer S.O.L.O. sessions to purchase registered student organization branded giveaway items for the Student Organization Fair, each organization may apply for a maximum of $250.

    • For promotional items (t-shirts, give-away items, etc.), RSOs must use Tennessee Tech approved vendors. Contact Susan Henry at 931-372-3123 or PRIOR TO purchasing any products or entering into an agreement for a service (inflatables, speakers, DJ's, etc.).

    • Please read carefully and agree to the conditions and S.O.L.O. funding process information.

  • S.O.L.O. Fund Procedures:

    • Online application submissions must be completed before 4:30 PM the Wednesday before the S.O.L.O. session prior to your event. 

    • Applications received after the due date will be considered for the following week. 

    • Retroactive approval for applications is not permitted. 

    • You will receive email updates via DocuSign as your application progresses through the approval process. If there are any issues with your application, it will be communicated through DocuSign. Therefore, it is important to check your email frequently for updates.

    • SGA S.O.L.O. Funds Allocations Committee meetings are generally held at 7:00 PM prior to a S.O.L.O. fund voting session. SGA Senate meetings are held immediately after at 7:30 PM. Registered student organizations will receive an email with the confirmed date, time, and location of their S.O.L.O. session at least twenty four hours prior.

    • Registered student organizations must have a representative present at the SGA S.O.L.O. Funds Allocations Committee and SGA Senate Meeting. Failure to appear will automatically result in disapproval of funds.

    • S.O.L.O. Funding approval will not be finalized until the Senate votes on the funding application. The application then moves to the SGA Vice President, SGA President, and Dean of Students for final approvals. Under the SGA Constitution, the SGA President and Dean of Students have the authority to approve or veto the application for good cause.

  • Dates and Deadlines:

    NOTICE: Faculty Advisors must sign the online application by the deadline in order to be considered for the voting date.

    Once the application has reached the committee for a vote, student organizations must have a representative in attendance to present their application. Business attire requested.

    Fall 2022 Deadline Information

    Applications Due by 4:30 PM CST

    Voting Date

    Committee Review

    Senate Review


    Sept 7 Sept 12 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Multi-Purpose Room
    Sept 14 Sept 19 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Multi-Purpose Room
    Sept 21 Sept 26 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Tech Pride Room 
    Sept 28 Oct 3 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Tech Pride Room 
    Oct 12 Oct 17 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Multi-Purpose Room
    Oct 19 Oct 24 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Tech Pride Room 
    Nov 2 Nov 7 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Multi-Purpose Room
    Nov 9 Nov 14 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Multi-Purpose Room
    Nov 16 Nov 21 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Multi-Purpose Room
    Nov 23 Nov 28 6:30pm   7:00pm  RUC, Multi-Purpose Room

  • S.O.L.O. Application Toolkit:

    SGA Logo:

    The SGA Logo must be included on all advertisements/flyer/banners/etc. Click the link below to download: 


    SGA Disclaimer:

    The below SGA disclaimer must be included on all advertising materials (flyers, banners, etc.):

    “This event has been financially sponsored, either entirely or partially by the Tennessee Tech Student Government Association (SGA) and its SOLO Fund. The views contained herein at this event or program does not represent the views of the Tennessee Tech Student Government Association, the SGA President or other members, the University, or the Tennessee Board of Trustees. The Tennessee Tech Student Government Association is fully in accord with the belief that all events and programs should be afforded the same opportunities that all US Citizens receive from the First Amendment of the United States Constitution."


    Please have the following information ready prior to beginning the online application:

    • Contact information for the Organization’s Student Project Director

    • Contact information for the Organization’s Faculty Advisor

    • Detailed budget document

    • Event advertising (flyer, example of give away items, etc.) document

    NOTICE: In order to complete your application online through DocuSign, you will be required to attach your full budget and provide event advertising examples for each funding application. The application can not be submitted and will not be approved without these documents.

    To begin your online S.O.L.O. application through DocuSign, follow the link below:

    Click Here for S.O.L.O Application
    For assistance, you may call (931-372-3123) or email (

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