Campus Community Health • HEERF I, II & III

Student Government Association


2022-2023 Executive Officers

Addison Dorris Headshot

Addison Dorris

JD Rankin Headshot

JD Rankin

Jacob Cherry Headshot

Jacob Cherry
Vice President

Savannah Griffin Headshot

Savannah Griffin

2022-2023 Cabinet

Braxton Westbrook Headshot

Braxton Westbrook
Chief of Staff

Mariam Abbas Headshot

Mariam Abbas
Secretary of Health and Well Being

Eli Anderson Headshot

Eli Anderson
Secretary of Government and Policy 

Ally Perry Headshot

Ally Perry
First Year Assembly Advisor 

Jessica Massey Headshot

Jessica Massey
Secretary of Legislative Affairs

Claire Myers Headshot

Claire Myers
Secretary of Environmental Affairs 

Elijah Tidwell Headshot

Elijah Tidwell
Secretary of Judicial Affairs 

Tyce Henderson Headshot

Tyce Henderson
Secretary of Student Life

Macey Pickle Headshot

Macey Pickle
Secretary of Public Relations 


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