Tech Tomorrow Strategic Plan 2019

Working Group Achievements

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Working Group 1 – Education for Life

Tech Tomorrow Strategic Plan Achievements – Fall 2018
Started to explore and validate experiential learning opportunities, including a student ePortfolio program. Developed and submitted organizational and operational recommendations for increasing student diversity.

Established regular correspondence with the General Education Committee to explore opportunities for continuous improvement of a “tech-centric” general education curriculum.

Formed a subcommittee to explore opportunities to build global awareness and international experiences.

Group Members
Ed Lisic -
Tammy Boles -
Julie Baker -
Leveda Dexter -
Judy Riggsbee -
Harry Ingle -
Leslie Crickenberger -
Brian Leckie -
Dan Combs -
Shelley Brown -


Working Group 2 – Innovation in All We Do

Tech Tomorrow Strategic Plan Achievements – Fall 2018
Collected an inventory of innovative practices and programs that are taking place across the University

Identified areas where different academic units could collaborate to continue to improve innovative programming

Developed a SWOT analysis workbook that is ready for distribution to the academic units on campus

Analyzing workforce and societal data to identify gaps in program offerings and areas of improvement for Tennessee Tech

Group Members

Jason Beach -
Jerry Gannod -
Yvette Clark -
Alma Hales -
Richard Pirkle -
Steve Canfield -
Dennis Fennewald -
Allen Mullis -
Jeremy Blair -
Thomas Heard -
Bill Curran -


Working Group 3 – Exceptional Stewardship

Tech Tomorrow Strategic Plan Achievements – Fall 2018
Collaborated closely with Brandon Johnson to identify improvements to the graduation process, which includes process improvements and greater utilization of DegreeWorks

Collected valuable insights on areas for improvement within Facilities, with ongoing efforts to develop solutions with Facilities Management leadership

Started to process of flowcharting ITS processes

Developed a subcommittee to analyze financial and budget data and identify areas for improvements in budgeting and financial investments

Group Members

Ann Davis -
Jeremy Wendt -
Steve Frye -
Kelly Chambers -
Lisa Maas -
Sharon Holderman -
Kerri Demeri -
Sue Piras -
Emily Wheeler -
Indu Upadhyaya -
Jeff Roberts -
Ottis Phillips -


Working Group 4 – Engagement for Impact

Tech Tomorrow Strategic Plan Achievements – Fall 2018
Created a partnership inventory which highlights the academic, financial, and economic partnerships for each academic college

Development of a Tennessee Tech academic programs and certificate inventory with peer institution comparison to identify gaps and opportunities for colleges and schools

Validating the needs and design of a “humanitarian maker space”

Exploring existing employment inventories and state and national trends to better understand employer needs for Tennessee Tech graduates

Group Members

Bedelia Russell -
Brandon Boyd -
Matt Smith -
Dennis Tennant -
Bobbie Maynard -
Robby Sanders -
Samantha Hutson -
Simone McKelvey -
Lillian Hartgrove -
Chester Goad -