College Of Business Ambassadors

The College of Business ambassadors are student leaders committed to serving their peers, college, and university. They support prospective and current students in professional development, involvement, and culture. Ambassadors teach valuable business skills and build strong networks that enable them to further their real world insight. COB ambassadors strive to promote excellence, unity, and service.

To request assistance from the College of Business Ambassadors, please send an email to one of the following:

Emma Fontenot, President:

Julie Galloway, Advisor:

Sherrie Cannon, Advisor:

Susan Wells, Advisor:

Professional Readiness and Leadership Center:

Group of ambassadors wearing purple polos 

Current Ambassadors

President: Emma Fontenot

Vice President: Emma Parson

Secretary: Jacob Bruce

Members: Aidan Spires, Augusta Long, Ally Perry, Bryn Gyolai, Callie Gudino, Carter Lay, Charlotte Norman, Esma Fidan, Ethan Powell, Jaden George, James Ritter, Jamie Pierce, Jocelyn Hayes, Katie Toney, Keegan Lamb, Kyleigh Whitehead, Landon Faulconer, Maddie Lamb, Mahalah Boone, Morgan Miolen, Nicole Meyers, Sophie Wells, Sydney Boggs, Talia Story


How to Get Involved

The College of Business Ambassadors recruit new members during the Fall semester. By filling out an application, participating in an interview process, and meeting the club’s requirements, College of Business Students may become members of the organization.
Below are the qualifications, benefits, and activities of the Ambassador team. We hope you will consider joining our family and serving our college and campus with us!

2024-2025 Recruitment Schedule:

Stay tuned for more information about COB Ambassador recruitment! For any questions regarding COB Ambassador applications, please contact Emma Fontenot at

Ambassadors Qualifications

  • Must be a full time Business major
  • Minimum of 12 credit hours from TN Tech at the end of their first semester
  • Preferred GPA of 3.0
  • Strong communication skills
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Display a positive attitude toward Tennessee Tech and the College of Business

Ambassador Benefits

College of Business Ambassadors have access to the following benefits:

  • Early class registration
  • Networking opportunities with internal and community stakeholders
  • Improvement of project management, communication, and professionalism skills

Ambassador Activities

COB Ambassadors:

  • Work behind the scenes of College of Business events and workshops
  • Consult with prospective students from high schools and community colleges
  • Network with alumni, donors, and local leadership to represent the College of Business
  • Provide student insight into the professional world
  • Advise current students on school schedules and business conduct
  • Involve students in clubs/organizations/events
  • Represent Tennessee Tech and the College of Business to internal and community stakeholders
  • Participate in annual Ambassador training day

Ambassador Events

Ambassadors have the privilege to help delegate, work and organize events such as:

  • Homecoming
  • Spring Showcase
  • Foundation Dinner
  • Scholarship Banquet
  • Preview Day
  • Professional Readiness and Leadership Center Events
  • High School and Community College Recruitment
  • Professional Workshops
  • University Tours

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