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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Study Abroad Affordable?

    Tennessee Tech offers many affordable study abroad programs with prices similar to the price of attending Tennessee Tech. The Center for Global Experiences provides a budget sheet for comparing the cost of study abroad to that at Tennessee Tech.

    Students can use their financial aid, including most scholarships, making programs even more affordable. Information about additional scholarships is available at Study Abroad - Scholarships. An important part to keeping study abroad affordable is to remain flexible. We have had students intending on going to the UK, but they ended up in Finland and loved it!

  • Does Financial Aid cover my tuition for Study Abroad Programs?

    If you receive federal and/or state financial assistance you may apply it to all Tennessee Tech approved study abroad programs.

    In order to receive financial aid for study abroad programs it is required that:

    You must take at least 6 credit hours abroad.
    All courses you plan to take abroad fit into your chosen major/minor in Degree Works.
    All programs/universities must be contracted with Tennessee Tech University.
    Study abroad forms must be completed and signed.
    As a study abroad student you will receive your aid from Tennessee Tech at the same time you would normally receive your aid as if you were on campus. You may have to pay program fees or deposits before the financial aid release date, so please plan accordingly. Discuss options with the Financial Aid Department.

    Your regular financial aid and scholarships may not cover all of your study abroad costs. Please see the Study Abroad - Scholarships page for more funding options.

  • Do my credits abroad count toward my Tennessee Tech GPA?

    The letter grade you get for each class abroad will be converted into US letter grades. After your study abroad credits are processed, you will see them on your Tennessee Tech transcript in the "Transfer Credit" section. You will see the School name, classes and letter T(transfer) in front of each grade so it would be a TA, TB, TC, etc. The GPA for these study abroad credits are calculated into the Inclusive Combined GPA (effects Financial Aid, and Graduation Honors) which is explained on this website.

  • If I Study Abroad, will I still be able to graduate on time?

    Yes, if you plan ahead! Students should talk to their academic advisor and tell them that they want to study abroad as soon as they decide it is something they wish to experience. This way, there will be time to fit a program into their academic schedule. They should then visit the Center for Global Experiences. 

    As for classes required for studying abroad, it is best to find a program that you believe works best for you, and that will tell you what a class schedule might look like. You can find the different types of programs here: Study Abroad - Search for Programs.

  • Will I be safe?

    Safety is a priority, and for that reason, Tennessee Tech is extremely careful about the sites we offer. However, it is still important that students use common sense. We offer safety tips in the Study Abroad Handbook.  We also have a list of websites that provide information on safety in particular countries and areas that have travel warnings. It is mandatory that students register online with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate.

  • Do I need a passport or visa for my Study Abroad trip? Where do I get one?

    Yes, for international study you will need a Passport, and depending on where you choose to study and for how long, you might need a Visa. A student should make several copies of the picture page of the passport. You should carry one copy with you, should leave one at home, and should file one with the Center for Global Experiences. If the passport is lost or stolen, having a copy will make it easier to replace.

  • What happens if I get sick while studying abroad (insurance)?

    Generally, when a traveler gets sick it is nothing more than a common cold or traveler's diarrhea, but on rare occasions, it might be something more serious. Tennessee Tech requires that all students studying abroad obtain health insurance to cover them while abroad. This includes basic coverage plus medical evacuation and repatriation benefits.

    You must check your present insurance to determine if it will cover you internationally. Just be sure you know about your coverage and know how to make a claim.

  • Do I book my own flight, and where can I book an affordable flight?

    There are many search engines that can help you find affordable flights. Additionally, Tennessee Tech offers reimbursement for flights up to $1,000! Visit the Study Abroad Travel page for more information and a link to the reimbursement criteria: Study Abroad - Travel.

  • Where can I Study Abroad?

    There are many places that you can Study Abroad, visit the Study Abroad Program page (Study Abroad - Search for Programs) to see the variety of trips that are available to you. 

  • Will studying abroad provide me with experiences and tools that are useful in my future career, stand out on a resume, or stand out to employers?

    The Professional Readiness and Leadership Center focuses on the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 8 competencies. These represent what employers want to see out of their hired graduates, and one of those competencies is Global and Intercultural Fluency. Spending time studying abroad shows that you take an interest in understanding other cultures, that you can interact with other cultures, etc. This can create great opportunities professionally to stand out. 

  • If I visit a country that speaks anything other than English, will I have a translator? What can I do to prepare for the language barrier?

    The Study Abroad Handbook offers a couple of helpful tips on this subject. You can view the handbook here: Study Abroad - Handbook. You should assume that your program does not offer a translator and begin to familiarize yourself with the native language. 

Student Testimonies

   Addison Dorris abroad with a skyline behind her.Addison Dorris abroad on a street with neon signs lit up behind her.Addison Dorris abroad with a skyine behind her.

"I participated in a two-week College of Business faculty-led study abroad trip to Spain! This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that allowed me to immerse myself in different cultures, learn more about my area of study from an international viewpoint, and open my eyes to all of the beauty that lies in different areas of the world. This study abroad experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and changed my perspective on life for the better!" 

- Addison Dorris, Marketing and Human Resource Management Student

Jaden George Study Abroad ExperienceJaden George Study Abroad ExperienceJaden George Study Abroad Experience

“Immersed in new cultures, surrounded by different perspectives and ideas, I gained a newfound inspiration for learning and personal growth while on the Spirit of Europe study abroad program. The exposure to diverse ways of thinking and living broadened my horizons, challenged my preconceived notions, and ignited a sense of curiosity that continues to shape my perspective on the world. I would highly recommend the Spirit of Europe program to anyone looking into studying abroad. Where else can you visit four different countries in two weeks with like-minded students seeking personal growth through international travel?"

-Jaden George, Finance and General Management Student

Matthew Kreidenweis Study Abroad Experience 

“I recently studied abroad at Rennes School of Business in Rennes, France. This was a great experience and will go down as a forever memory to reflect on. I really enjoyed the food, people, and just the culture in general. "

-Matthew Kreidenweis, General Management Student



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