Our Impact

One of our main goals is to effectively communicate the impact our program and events have on students on your journey to Career Readiness.

2023-2024 Overall Impact Summary

Event Attendance:

1,332 total attendees

Office Traffic (Room 130):

983 includes participants in events

Business Professional Closet

      • Closet Appointments: 74
      • Closet Donations: 56
      • Anonymous Donations: Not tracked; will be in 2024-25


      • 212 out of 234 Freshman have made a LinkedIn profile (90% success rate) 


      • 100 Students have completed the ENGAGE form
      • Nearly 25% increase from last year
      • 7 Interns for 2023-2024
      • Interns logged 1154.93 hours and completed 238 projects for 36 different businesses
      • Data has not supplied for 2024 by SBDC to date

Internship Insights

      • 1,694 clicks tracked


      • 376 College of Business students with an active resume

Social Media 

      • Average likes: 72
      • Average views (Reels): 2,384

Total Event Count: 23

 Current as of 4/17/24 

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