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Let's Get Down to Business

Ambassadors doing a wings up with a beach ball
Ambassadors doing a wings up with a beach ball
Smaller ambassador group with a beach ball
Ambassadors having fun with a beach ball

Welcome Class of 2028

Welcome to the College of Business! You are about to begin one of the most exciting times of your life. The Professional Readiness and Leadership team wants to help you with Your Next Steps.

Your Next Steps

  1. Set up your Tech Express account (step-by-step instructions).
  2. Register for SOAR (freshman orientation).
  3. Be a part of our social media, Freshman Fridays, by letting us get you know you here, and when you want to share photos with the College of Business, utilize these hashtags, #tntechbusiness, #classof2028, and #wingsup.

Let's get down to business at SOAR!

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