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The primary focus of Elevate is to assist you in leveling up after your internship! Through Elevate, you will gain insight on how to transition into telling the story of your internship experience. Whether you are looking for tips on listing your internship on your resume, communicating this experience in a future interview, or documenting your professional growth, this is the place for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I list internships on my resume?

    Listing your internship experience on your resume in the most optimal fashion is very important! Check out this blog post.  This resource will walk you through the best organization and content for listing your internship on your resume. Take a look at this PDF resume example as well. 

    The Center for Career Development offers walk-in resume help Monday through Thursday from 1 PM – 4 PM in RUC 328 as well.  Check out the Center for Career Development here!

  • How do I get academic credit after the internship?

    Based on the nature of your internship, you should be able to receive academic credit even after you have completed an internship. Further questions about academic credit for internships can be directed to the department chair or direct department contact based on your major. You can find this contact information here!

  • Can I receive academic credit for multiple internships?

    Depending on your program of study, this answer is typically no. This does not mean, however, that you cannot complete multiple internships for experience sake. Further questions about academic credit for internships can be directed to the department chair or direct department contact based on your major. You can find this contact information here!

  • How do I speak of my experience in future interviews?

    In a future interview following an internship, you will have an opportunity to speak on your internship experience. If the opportunity is not presented, you can create an avenue to speak of this experience. A specific question you would expect to answer in an interview would be:

    • “Tell me about your internship experience and how this experience aided in your professional growth?”

    If this question was asked, you could easily explain some of your tasks and projects and how those tasks and projects strengthened your professionalism.

    Another question you might expect would be:

    • “Tell me about a difficult work experience or project and how you overcame it?”

    An indirect interview question such as this would allow you to speak of your internship experience and highlight where you excelled in a challenging task.

  • How do I document my internship experience?

     Providing you have a positive experience, documenting your internship experience could be important in diversifying and strengthening your professional written communication.  You might consider documenting your experience through a blog post, LinkedIn post, or a video component.  

    Prior to providing any specific information, you may need to get permission from your employer to post sensitive data.

  • Can my internship be repeated?

    Yes! This is a possibility.  Repeat internships are typically applicable if you are confident you would like to work for the employer full time in the future, you have a graduation date that differs from the employer’s main recruiting/training season, or your initial internship is early in your college career.  

    Adding variety to your internship experience is important too! Seek out different internships throughout your academic career to strengthen your connections and diversify your portfolio.

  • How do I thank my internship employer?

    In an internship, the goal is to have a positive, valuable experience that aids in your professional growth. Recognition is important, even if you didn’t thoroughly enjoy the working experience. Here are some ways you should consider thanking your employer in a professional manner after your internship:

    • Handwritten Thank You Note
    • Sincere Email

    Though an email is nice, a handwritten thank you note will certainly set you apart from other interns. Consider writing notes to your manager, trainers, and other colleagues who offered help throughout your internship. Be specific in exactly what you appreciated when writing these notes!

  • Can an internship develop into a full time position?

    Yes, an internship can develop into a full time position. 

    Most likely, there are other interns who are also seeking an entry-level position in the company. To set yourself apart, focus on building a personal presentation. You can start by compiling the quality work and projects you have completed throughout your internship, and you can express your interest in continued employment following your internship with your manager.

  • How do I maintain a professional, networking relationship with my internship employer?

    Stay in touch with your fellows interns, coworkers and manager by connecting with them on social media sites, specifically on LinkedIn.

    Schedule a monthly phone or video chat with your management if possible to stay connected.  If a phone or video chat is not an option, you can send your manager a message or email monthly as well.


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