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Career Ready Competitions

Here at the Readiness Center, we love opportunities for healthy competition. Check out some of our current competitive events and learn how fueling that competitive fire can help YOU grow in Career Readiness!

COB Writing Competition

First up is our COB Writing Competition! This one-of-a-kind opportunity is open to all COB students as a great resume builder and an essential step in gaining career-readiness. Once registered, you and other Career Ready Leaders can begin your month-long opportunity to submit your best work, competing with other Career Ready Leaders for big time prizes. Additionally, our writing team will send out tips weekly to help inspire you for the prompt, so you're not just competing, but learning, too! Put your written communication skills to the test at our next COB Writing Competition!

Check back soon for this year's writing prompt!

Let's Get Trivial: Trivia Night Competition

Join PRL for a Trivia Night you won't forget! With classic team-style trivia, Career Ready Leaders like you can gather together (with FREE dinner) to see if you know more than your peers on surprise trivia categories. And of course, exclusive prizes are given to the winners!

Check back soon for info about this year's Trivia Night!

Interview Contest

This competition is PERFECT for polishing a career management skill that we all need: interviewing. This multi-round contest gives YOU the opportunity to perfect your phone, video, and in-person interview skills to prepare you for your next job or internship interview. 


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