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TTU’s Chemistry Department, one of the fastest growing chemistry departments in Tennessee, offers several concentrations in chemistry, all of which may lead to additional certification by the American Chemical Society. These concentrations include Pure Chemistry (automatically certified by ACS), Biochemistry and Applied Chemistry (with options in Forensic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Business Chemistry and Health Science Chemistry). Undergraduate chemistry majors find opportunities to join research labs and work on research projects as early as their Freshman year. On the graduate level the Department offers a master’s of science degree in chemistry and a doctorate in Environmental Sciences Chemistry.

Department Mission

The primary mission of the Department of Chemistry is the education of students at Tennessee Technological University. The goals of the department are based on state and national needs and are consistent with the philosophy of certification of the American Chemical Society which approves the curriculum for students wishing to become professional chemists. The offerings in chemistry are designed to develop an understanding of the relation of chemistry with daily life for all students and to prepare students for careers in chemistry and in related scientific, medical, and technological fields. The goal is also to provide both undergraduate and graduate students the facilities, opportunity, and inducement to conduct, evaluate, and report on original research under the supervision of a faculty mentor and thereby add to the knowledge of mankind while participating in team-based approaches to learning that are likely to be encountered in a graduate’s career.

Learn from Researchers

The Chemistry Department offers you 22 faculty members, most of which are involved in research recognized at national and international levels.

Prepare to Work

The Department is developing new and innovative programs in areas of its strategic interests and strengths to help you build the technical skills required in the national workforce.

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