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Fraternity and Sorority Life Policy

Fraternity and Sorority Life administers and enforces University Policy 320 - Greek Life. This policy can be access through Tennessee Tech's Policy Central website. Council policies govern many fraternity and sorority activities, including some recruitment procedures, membership processes, and event scheduling. Visit each council’s web page to learn more about each council’s policies.

Event Registration

Most FSL events, including off-campus events where alcohol will be present, must be registered. For Student Organization event procedures, including procedures related to high-risk activities, minors at events, and more, visit the Student Organizations Event Registration and Procedures page. To learn how to register events via Eagle Engage, visit the Eagle Engage Officer’s Guide.  

Membership Intake and Recruitment 

All chapters must complete the FSL Membership Intake and Recruitment Form each semester. The form is due no later than 10 days after the first day of class. Even chapters that do not plan to conduct intake or add new members during the coming semester must complete the form.  

This form will require the following information:  

    • The student officer responsible for intake/recruitment 
    • The earliest possible take that the chapter will engage prospective members in interest/recruitment/education activities 
    • The anticipated initiation/induction date 

Complete the FSL Membership Intake and Recruitment Form

All students must be confirmed as eligible, and must complete the Hazing Compliance and Academic Release prior to joining a chapter. Those students who register for CPH Formal Recruitment, CPH Spring Recruitment, and IFC Rush will complete this requirement when they register for those programs. All other students may complete the release via Eagle Engage. See more about the Hazing Compliance and Academic Release procedures below. 

Hazing Compliance and Academic Release

All members must complete the Hazing Compliance and Academic Release form each year. The form will be renewed each August, and members must complete the form by the second week of the semester. Failure of members to complete the form may result in chapter events and activities being denied, and no member’s academic information will be shared unless they have completed the form.  

Hazing Compliance and Academic Release

Roster Management

Each chapter’s roster will be maintained in Eagle Engage. Chapter officers will not directly update the roster. To add new members, remove members, and update officer positions, a chapter officer must complete the FSL Membership & Officer Update Form.  

This form must be submitted within 24 hours of new members joining the organization, and each time an officer position is transitioned. Officers should review their roster at the end of each semester to ensure that it is up to date. The semester grade report will utilize the roster as of the last day of classes.  

Inactive members may be removed from the roster, but only if the member will not be attending any meetings or events, or representing the chapter in any way during the applicable semester.  

Submit FSL Membership & Officer Update Form

Developmental Programs

All chapters must engage their members in at least two developmental programs each semester. Programs may be presentations or workshops hosted during chapter meetings or chapter member attendance during on-campus workshops that are already scheduled.  

Each program should address one of the following topics: risk management, alcohol and substance use, academic success, sexual assault, diversity and inclusion. Programs should be led by someone trained in the topic, ideally Tennessee Tech employees. Programs led by headquarters staff may be eligible.

Programs must be approved by FSL in advance via the Developmental Program Request in Eagle Engage. Chapters will submit attendance logs each semester through the Fraternal Excellence program. At least two-thirds of the active members are expected to participate in order to satisfy this requirement. Failure to meet this requirement or falsifying reports regarding these programs may result in sanctions imposed by FSL.  

Developmental Program Request

Fraternal Excellence 

Chapters must submit a Fraternal Excellence packet each semester. This packet describes the chapter’s programs and activities in alignment with FSL standards. Chapters should download the Fraternal Excellence packet template below and edit it to create their own submission.  


Post Event Form

All chapters are required to submit a post event form after any Philanthropic event, Community Service event, Member developmental Program, or an event with Alcohol. This form will provide valuable insights into the activities and events hosted by our chapters.

This form is essential for maintaining:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Continuous improvement within our Fraternity and Sorority Life community

The Post Event Form must be completed no later than 5 days after the event is held.


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