College of Engineering

College of Engineering

Fall 2022 Senior Design Expo

Select from the programs listed below to see project names and student team members.
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Project Title: Bridge Design for Brown Mill Road, Humphreys

    County TN

    • Students: Logan Alvis, Klay Cottongim, Brian Mitchell, Montana Palmer, Ashley Ogle

    Project Title: TDOT Region 3: State Industrial Access (SIA) Road

    Project Falcon

    Dickson, TN

    • Students: Connor Adcock, Marshall Avera, Chandler Human, Samuel Makram, Juan Loza

    Project Title: Greystone Point Apartment Complex

    • Students: Jacob Baker, Amadeus Gaby, Jim Kiombe, Aphisith Soulignaphanh, Dutt Pathak


    • Students: Aaron Garner, Johnathon York, James Traynor, Hunter Allsup, Ethan Jones

    Project Title: Shiloh Baptist Church – New Building & Site Development

    • Students: Brandon Plemens, Brandon White, Conner Rogers, Devin Rains, Jared Bane

    Project Title: Nelson’s Reserve Mixed -Use Development

    • Students: Luke Boren, Caroline Hitchcock, Caleb Pearson, John Austin Skelton, and Hunter Vaught

    Project Title: State Route 99 Turning Lane Addition

    • Students: Dylan Adkisson, Leland Porter, Travis Phy, Lucas Street, Allen Miller
  • Computer Science

    Project Title: TANF Opportunity Act

    • Students: Devraj Chauhan, Zoey Bolduc,Jacob Harris, Alexander Omran, Aidan Hurst, Apple Lee , Jonathan Spradlin
    • Faculty Advisor(s): Eric Brown
    • Professional Mentors (If applicable): Michael Aikens & Megan Spurgeon

    Project Tittle: Flood Control Sensor - Data Visualization

    • Students: Nathan Melton, William Allen, Vincent Davis, Kate Phillips, Makalya Haggerty, Sebastian Ledford
    • Faculty Advisors: Sharanya Aavunoori
    • Professional Advisors: Dr. Alfred Kalyanapu

    Project Tittle: Flood Control Sensor - Sensor Network

    • Students: Ryan Brewer, Jackson Loggins, Pearson Garner, Aleksander Bass, Joshua Maupin, Alex Zandstra
    • Faculty Advisors: Sharanya Aavunoori
    • Professional Advisors: Dr. Alfred Kalyanapu

    Project Tittle: Data Atlas: Intelligent Legacy Application Data Mapping

    • Students: Steets, Cornell, Blevins,  Brandt,  Mynatt, Hannah
    • Faculty Advisors: Eric Brown
    • Professional Advisors: Colby C. Jones

    Project Tittle: Vehicle Telemetry Sensor Network

    • Students: Paul Haines, Peyton Whitefield, Arvin Sanchez, Jalen Bowens, Logan Gillum, Gabriel Shanahan
    • Faculty Advisors: Eric Brown
    • Professional Advisors: Brandon Patel, Will Brookshear

    Project Tittle: Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

    • Students: Andrew Branstetter, Quincy Card, Tyler Earps, Lindsay Malugin, Nicholas Rajic, Davis O'Donnell, Harris Wadley
    • Faculty Advisors: Sharanya Aavunoori
    • Professional Advisors: Eric Brown

    Project Tittle: CAE Scholarship Program

    • Students: Hallie Sevier, Asia McKissack, Brittany Mayfield, Jackson Hidley, Logan Walsh
    • Faculty Advisors: Sharanya Aavunoori
    • Professional Advisors: Eric Brown
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Project Title: Autonomous Crawl Space Inspection Robot

    • Faculty Advisor: Jesse Roberts
    • Students: Joseph Thomas, John Caleb, Williams James Camp, John Harris

    Project Title: Pipe Mapping via a Pass Through IMU-Based System

    • Faculty Advisor: Jesse Roberts
    • Students: Matthew Thorne, Adison Heathcott, Benjamin Ask ,Elizabeth Russell

    Project Title: Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Maneuvering System Leveraging Sensor Fusion and Vehicle to Vehicle Communication in case of Infrastructure Failure 

    • Faculty Advisor: Syed Hassan
    • Students: Evan Hildner, Nicholas Davis, Jonathan Nelson, Alexa Garrison, Triston Whitescarver

    Project Title: Mobile Electroencephalogram (EEG) Platform Design 

    • Faculty Advisor: Ali Alouani 
    • Students: Johnathon Longmire, Matthew Martin, John Meadows, Keaton Shelton, Joshua White
  • Manufacturing & Engineering Technology

    Tooling Development for CNC Assisted Wire + Arc Additive Manufactured Refractory Alloys

    • Students: Wyatt Power – team leader, Jared Scalf, Brandon Martin, Wesley Overton

    Coke Ore Crusher: Redesign and Reconstruction

    • Students: Chloe Smith - team leader, Erin Fuss, Katelynn Hunt, Pj Neaderhiser, Emma Rash, Lacey Taylor

    Iris Plastics Pressure Monitoring / Data Logger System

    • Students: Clayton Smith - team leader, Gavin Grigsby

    Redevelopment of Ergonomic Kayak Transportation Apparatus

    • Students: Cameron Hubbard - team leader, Carson Foster, Ian Brown, Jacob Nunez, Chayton Dale

    Additive Manufacturing Research and Analysis

    • Students: Jackson McKelvey - team leader, Edwin Ropp, Cory Hunter Bilyeu, Jeremiah Arnold, Justin Tucker
  • Mechanical Engineering

    Compressed Air Leak Detection and Quantification

    • Students: Cedric Brown, William Broyles, Luke Shoaf, Justin Willingham

    Steam Leak Quantification

    • Austin Day, Christopher Dwyer, Joshua Hamilton, Jake Sparks

    Robotic Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

    • Students: James Doherty, Reilly Earle, Katelyn Lepley, Jakeiry Morales

    Outdoor Grid Search Robot (ArchIE)

    • Students: Samson Gilmore, Aaron Lawson, Tyler Seal, John Wagner

    Pep Truck Electrification – Power Train

    • Students: Jack Bryant, Colton Richardson, John Sisk, Carlos Vincente Martinez

    Pep Truck Electrification – Battery

    • Students: William Crawford, Clay Howard, Jacob Nelson, Trenton Preston

    Pep Truck Electrification – Suspension

    • Students: Caleb Fish, Braden Irwin, Alexander Ogle

    Superior Graphite Testing System

    • Students: Gavin Dies, Griffin Hawkins, Jeremy Puhr, Ryan Roberts

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What is Capstone?

When you are nearing the end of your undergraduate or graduate program, your advisor will be talking to you about your Capstone Project.  A capstone project is intended to apply all of the knowledge and skills you’ve gained over a college career in one assignment.

Although the projects do showcase your educational accomplishments, they are more about demonstrating that you know how to learn. They are intended to encourage students to use the critical thinking skills they have acquired through their degree programs to solve problems.

Benefits to Students

  • Hands-on experience solving a complex real-world problem in an agile, team environment —skills necessary for success. 
  • Gain necessary exposure to bridge the gap between student and professional. 
  • Gain experience applying engineering knowledge to solve industry problems. 
  • Understand and learn importance of time and budget constraints. 

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