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The Clay program emphasizes a strong foundation in materials and techniques, broad competency in firing processes and operation of studio equipment, development of personal artistic style and direction, and a thorough exploration of historical and contemporary ceramic traditions. The clay curriculum includes classes in hand-building, throwing, surface design, ceramic history, ceramic chemistry, and kilns/firing theory.

Graduates of the clay program have the options of becoming independent studio potters or sculptors doing one-of-a-kind or production work, or teachers at the K-12 or college level, and many go on to operate private or public teaching studios and/or galleries.

About the Program

Studio Profile

  • Receive individual attention
  • Explore kiln/firing processes including bonfire, salt, soda, and wood
  • Learn ceramic skills and aesthetics from ancient to contemporary
  • Work in a well-equipped 8,000 square-foot studio with semi-private studio space for all advanced students
  • Develop a thorough understanding of professional practices

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