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Fibers Studio

The BFA concentration in fibers offers students the opportunity to work and learn in well-equipped weaving and fabric printing studios. This hands-on program is ideal for students wanting to start or further develop their interest in fibers.

The program begins with an introductory class, taking students through a sequence of fiber processes that build technical and aesthetic foundations in weaving, dying and printing on fabric, paper making and hand bound books.

In-depth demonstrations and instruction, Individual attention; access to materials, equipment, and a large fibers library, enables each student to pursue and develop their passion in fibers. Further emphasis on experimentation in techniques and materials coupled with exploration of concepts and styles, help students develop a strong personal aesthetic well-grounded in technical skills.

About the Program

Studio Profile

Exploration, experimentation, and innovation are fostered within an environment of high standards of craftsmanship and creativity. Students work in individual and group areas with unlimited access to large, well-equipped and ventilated studios.

  • Weaving Studio
  • Surface Design Studio
  • Dye Kitchen
  • Dark Room

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