TAB Tech Activities Board


The Tech Activities Board (TAB) is a student organization that provides a forum where students can express their individuality and interests through planning and promoting special events on campus. It is comprised of student volunteers who initiate, schedule and promote a variety of campus activities. Membership is open to any Tennessee Tech student.

TAB supports virtually any event that promotes diversity or enriches the college experience. 

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 MEETING and EVENT SCHEDULE

TAB Meetings are open to any student and are held during Dead Hour(11am) in RUC 214 in the Conference Room of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center

August 23rd Dancing On Dixie/Student Organization Mix and Mingle 5pm
August 26th Hypnotist Jim Wand in Derryberry Hall 8pm
August 29th TAB Meeting 11am 
September 10th TAB Giveaway - TAB Mason Jar Mugs RUC Lobby 11am
September 19th TAB Homecoming Meeting 11am
October 1st TAB Event TBA
October 3rd TAB Homecoming Meeting 11am
October 17th SOLO Concert
October 29th TAB Meeting
November 4th - 9th TN Tech Homecoming Week
November 21st TAB Meeting
November 26th TAB is Thankful Event RUC Lobby 11am
January 23rd TAB Meeting
February 6th TAB Meeting
February 11th TAB Bears to Build Event RUC Multipurpose Room 11am
March 5th TAB Meeting
March 10th TAB Spring Break Bundle Giveaway RUC Lobby 11am
March 28th TAB Meeting
April 7th TAB Event TBA
April 9th TAB Meeting
April 23rd TAB Student Celebration Centennial Plaza 11am

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