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Conditional Admission


Students needing Conditional Letter of Admission for their Embassy or for a visa in their country to attend an Intensive English program with which TN Tech has an agreement.

1. You must apply to TN Tech online at our online application or fill out the paper application International Application and pay the $40 application fee. BE SURE TO FILL OUT THE INTERNATIONAL FRESHMEN or INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER application only. You must also submit the application fee either online or by posting a check or money order to the Office of International Education. 

2. Provide a copy of the letter of the ESL program you will be attending. TN Tech only issues CLAs for undergraduate admissions for the following ESL providers:

  • FLS International (all centers)
  • ELS Language Centers (all centers)
  • The House of Tutors
  • Bridge English in Boston
  • Intrax English Institute San Francisco, San Diego and Chicago Centers
  • ZONI in New York and Florida
  • The Language Company (all centers)
  • EmbassyCES (all centers)
  • A.C.E. Language Institutes
  • New England School of English

3. Provide a copy of your high school transcripts—ALL YEARS! Students must have a GPA over 2.5 on the USA scale to be eligible for the CLA.

4. Bank statement or Financial Guarantee

5. Passport copy

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