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Study finds international students pump more than $11 million into local economy

Raising international student enrollment at universities can inject millions of dollars into university budgets and area economies, according to a recent study by two Tennessee Tech University students. Those results burst a common misconception that admitting international students drains money from university coffers, says Charlie Wilkerson, Tennessee Tech’s International Office of Education director.


Study Abroad Student Brian Douglass wins $10,000 for essay on globalization

A Tennessee Tech University economics student recently won a $10,000 prize for a passionate paper addressing the question “Can Character and Community Survive in an Age of Globalization?”

Brian Douglass, a Tennessee Tech senior from Chattanooga, took first place in the International Culture of Enterprise Student Essay Contest sponsored by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. The full paper can be found here. “My essay discussed how the efficiency sought through economic globalization would in the end tend to destroy many things which we consider good,” explained Douglass. “I used economics as well as philosophy and theology in describing how the natural relationships between humans could be whittled down in the name of efficiency to the extent that they would in fact be destroyed beyond recognition if globalization was taken to its logical conclusion,” he said.


The Real America

Great scenery, plenty of cultural attractions, a safe environment and a low cost of living are just some of the factors that attract a growing number of language students to the lesser known inland states of the USA. Gillian Evans reports.

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