Local In-House Projects

In-House projects are defined as those projects which are undertaken and funded by individual University Departments. Please refer to the full policy on in-house projects posted HERE for details.

These projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Finishes renovations and replacements
  • Large furniture purchases
  • Space reconfigurations
  • Access control
  • Coordination with technology upgrades (not solely technology)
  • Any desired modification which alters the built environment
Please note that any cubicle purchases are required to be reviewed by Facilities and Projects for impact to life safety systems, ADA compliance, egress restrictions, and HVAC systems. A Project Request Form should be submitted for review and approval. Any purchases for cubicles sent directly through Purchasing will be rejected. 
A typical in-house project may take the following path:

 In-House Project Path Infographic

  • Requestor submits a PROJECT REQUEST.
  • Project scope is reviewed to align with University goals, adherence to codes, and assigned to a Project Manager if approved. Project scopes may be adjusted by administration. Changes will be discussed with project Requestors.
  • Project Manager meets with Requestor to further define and refine scope and develops Project Cost Estimate.
  • Requestor and Department approve cost estimate, an index number is provided and work may begin after funding is transferred.
    • Please Note: if the project is not in budget, scope or other changes such as phasing may be discussed with Project Manager and a new cost estimate may be developed prior to approval of the estimate.
  • Any changes to the project after approval are recorded through a change order process. A change order may or may not involve additional funding approvals.
  • Any remaining funds are returned to the original funding source when the project is complete, approved for close-out, and all invoices are paid.

 In-House Project Flowchart

Campus Consultants

After an initial Project Request, the need for a Campus Consultant (contracted design professional) may be determined for certain projects. Campus Consultants may provide architectural, engineering, or other professional services based on the requirements of the project. If this is required, a Project Estimate will be issued to cover the cost of the consultant’s services only. After design, a SECOND Project Estimate will be issued for construction/project costs associated with the project. Design service estimates are Not to Exceed and, as with typical projects, any remaining design funds will be returned at the completion of the project.

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