Requests for Proposals and Qualifications

Download all files listed under the RFP of interest.

  • The .pdf files will contain the complete RFP
  • The .xls files (when listed) will have supporting information and attachments
  • The .doc files will have selected forms in Word format that the proposer will need to complete their response

Any questions should be directed to jwebb@tntech.edu 

Standard Requirements for General Construction and CM/GC

Section 00 72 13

General Conditions for General Construction and CM/GC

October 2018 A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction

Section 00 73 16

Supplementary Conditions for General Construction and CM/GC

May 2018 Supplementary Conditions
Project Name and SBC#

(There are no RFPs available at this time)

Project Specific Documents  
Response Document  
Project Narrative  

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