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Requests for Proposals and Qualifications

Download all files listed under the RFP/RFQ.

  • The .pdf files will contain the complete RFP/RFQ
  • The .xls files (when listed) will have supporting information and attachments
  • The .doc files will have selected forms in Word format that the proposer will need to complete their response

Any questions should be directed to 

SBC #364/000-01-2022 RFQ for Commissioning
Request for Qualifications for Commissioning Services Documents
Response to Written Questions/Comments

Attendance List

Notice of Intent to Award

Scoring Matrix

SBC #364/011-05-2022 Advanced Construction & Manufacturing Engineering Building CM/GC RFP
Cover and Table of Contents
Standard Documents
GMP Request Form
Schedule of Events
Technical Proposal
Cost Proposal
Project Narrative and Documentation
Addendum #1

Attendance List from Pre-proposal Teams Meeting

Notice of Intent to Award

Scoring Matrix

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