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Projects Requiring Designers

If you are interested in a project listed below:

  1. Visit the website of the Office of State Architect to review the updated Designer Selection Process. The Office of State Architect requires a Designer Letter of Interest for Standard and Minor projects.
  2. Register with the Office of State Architect. 
  3. Download and save the Designer Letter of Interest Form
    1. Please download a new form each time you submit. 
    2. Designers should verify that all information entered into the form is visible. Information which does not fit in the form fields will not be evaluated.
    3. Please do not use smaller than 10 point font.
  4. Complete the document specifically for the project in which you have interest.
  5. The response is limited to four (4) pages; do not include photographs or attachments.
  6. Attach the completed letter of interest (in PDF format) to your email submittal through the link below. Please type "Designer Information" and the project name for which you are submitting in the subject line. 

Click here to Submit your Letter of Interest.

TN Tech Designer Letter of Interest Opportunities

Project Name Project Description MACC Due Date

Craft Center Upgrades

SBC# 364/031-xx-2023

This project will provide for upgrades, repairs and system replacements at the Joe L. Evins Appalachian Center for Crafts, and all related work. The scope of work is envisioned to include the following:  1) roof replacement on the Admin. & Gallery Building 2) replace the chiller 3) replace the cooling tower 4) replace the pedestrian bridge connecting the Cool Wing to the Admin. & Gallery Building. Note:  Items 5 - 10 apply to all buildings except the 5 housing units. 5) replace the exterior siding and windows 6) replace doors as needed and replace all door locks 7) convert all lighting to LED 8) replace compressed air distribution lines 9) replace all galvanized water piping 10) install isolation valves on propane system 11) mechanical system repair/replacements 12) repairs/upgrades to underground electrical infrastructure, and all related work.

The Designer will assist the university in prioritizing the scope based upon the budget.

$2,475,000 1/11/23

Football Operations Center

SBC# 364/011-xx-2023

Construct a Football Operations Center, including a practice field, and all related work.  The new football operations center will be situated in close proximity to the Athletics Performance Center.  The facility is envisioned to include an entry lobby, offices and meeting rooms, locker rooms, a sports medicine center, equipment room and outdoor storage, laundry facilities, catering space, and associated support spaces. The design team will assist with programming, cost estimating and developing the project budget.

The new center will be the primary sports medicine, athletics training, and physical therapy facility for the entire athletics department, servicing all 14 teams and approximately 325 student-athletes.

The university wishes to proceed with planning through the Design Development Phase only at this time. This includes programming, cost estimating, and developing the project budget.

$11,970,000 1/11/23



For additional Designer project opportunities, please also refer to the RFP & RFQ section of the SBC Capital Projects menu at left.

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