Designer's Manual

Designers please note that documents are updated by THEC periodically and posted here. The Table of Contents posted under General Information, below, lists the current dates for each document. Please verify you are using the most current documents for each project.

  • General Information

    TTU has adopted the THEC version of the Designer’s Manual effective July 2018.

  • Owner Information

    • TTU Owner Information
    • See Appendix 3 of the Designer's Manual, below, for Tennessee Tech Campus Guidelines

  • Chapters

  • Appendix 1: Administrative Forms

    • A31 Pre-Design Conference
    • A32 Program Phase Meeting
    • A34 Schematic Design Phase Meeting
    • A36 Design Development Phase Meeting
    • A38 Construction Document Phase Meeting
    • A52 Pre-Bid Conference
    • A62 Pre-Construction Conference
    • A64 Construction Progress Meeting
    • A66 Substantial Completion Meeting
    • A68 Final Inspection Meeting
    • C32 Schematic Design Phase Document
    • C34 Design Development Phase Document
    • C36 Construction Document Phase Document
    • C38 Bid Document Submittal
    • C42 Standard Document Instructions
    • C44 Stormwater Plan Review
    • C60 Notice to Proceed Checklist
    • C62 Stormwater Site Audit
    • C72 Project Closeout
    • F22 Designer Agreement Information
    • F23 Attestation
    • F32 Designer's Cost Estimate Summary
    • F54 Bid Tab
    • F62 Pre-Construction Data Sheet
    • F64 Request for Proposal
    • F66 Proposal Recommendation
    • F68 Report of Final Inspection
    • F72 Certificate of Substantial Completion
    • F74 Stormwater As-Built Certification
    • F78 Advertisement of Final Payment
    • F79 One-Year Corrective Inspection
    • SBC-25 Project Information

  • Appendix 2: Standard Bidding and Construction Documents

    Division 00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements
    Division 01 General Requirements
    Divisions 07, 23, and 26
    • 07 50 36 Total Roofing System Warranty
    • 07 61 02 Twenty Year Total Metal Roofing System Warranty
    • 23 08 00 Mechanical & Control Systems Commissioning
    • 23 08 13 Sensor Point Calibration Check Sheet
    • 23 08 16 Terminal Box Point Calibration Check Sheet
    • 26 08 00 Electrical & Lighting Systems Commissioning
    • 26 08 06 Panelboard Check Sheet
    • 26 08 13 Power Circuit Check Sheet
    • 26 08 30 Generator Testing Procedures Form
    • 26 08 32 Generator Testing Findings Form
    • 26 08 50 Lighting Check Sheet

  • Appendix 3: Campus Specific Guidelines and Requirements

    Campus Design Guidelines and Preferences

    The intention of the Tennessee Tech Construction Guidelines is to provide a framework for designers, thereby establishing consistency across projects. The guidelines provide answers to common questions and campus goals for shaping the design response to any unanswered questions. These standards are not intended to be comprehensive specifications nor are they intended to limit discussion on any given topic. New technologies, materials, and techniques are encouraged to be examined and discussed with Tennessee Tech representatives on all projects within their individual context. We will be adding new divisions as they are completed.

  • HPBr

    Tennessee High Performance Building Requirements Manual

    The High Performance Building Requirements (HPBr) are located under the Capital and Real Estate tab on the Office of the State Architect website: 

    High Performance Building Requirements

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