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Welcome! I am Dr. Ted Pelton, Chair of English at Tennessee Tech. Our department offers a wide variety of courses in literature, creative writing, theater, professional communication, and composition at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Students at Tennessee Tech virtually all take our courses, and many choose to major in our BA program in English. Some students add English, Professional Communication, or Dramatic Arts as a second major, or as a minor that will enhance their intellectual growth and versatility in whatever career they choose. Dramatic productions at the Backdoor Playhouse and Homespun, the student literary e-magazine, also offer students ways of expressing themselves.

In English we do not set you on a professional track. Instead we help you to find your own path toward a career that suits your talents, values, and interests. English majors tap the power of words to create meaning and understanding, and even as technologies change that power will never become obsolete. If you are looking for a degree that lets you pursue intellectual curiosity, cultural awareness, creative expression, and effective communication skills, you should strongly consider one of our degree programs.

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The Department of English proudly celebrates our students' achievements.

Linda Fisk, Department of English secretary, received Tennessee Tech's 2012 Outstanding Staff Award. TTU President, Dr. Philip Oldham, presents Linda with her well deserved award.