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Left to Right: Michael O'Rourke, Linda Null, Mark Creter, Jennifer Rideout, Susan Muchshima Moynihan, Mari Ramler, Josephine McQuail, Sharon Henry, Kristin Pickering, Monic Ductan, William Fisk, Ted Pelton, Helen Hunt, Andrew Smith, Anthony Baker, Paulina Bounds, Jeff Kean, Elizabeth Robinson, Brian Williams, Tom Saya, and Michael L. Burduck. Not pictured: Kristen Deiter, Shirley Laird, Theodore Bohn, Andrea Harris, Mark Shealy, and M. Scott Stenson.


We are the English department faculty at Tennessee Tech. Our department offers a wide variety of courses in literature, creative writing, theater, professional communication, and composition at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Virtually all students at Tennessee Tech take our courses, and we also offer vibrant BA and MA programs in English. Our concentrations include Literature, Professional and Technical Communication, Theatre, and Creative Writing, and Language and Rhetoric. We offer options not only to major but to pair English with another field via a minor or a dual-major. Dramatic productions at the Backdoor Playhouse and The Iris Review, the student literary magazine, also offer students ways of expressing themselves. Internships allow students to find practical applications for the skills they develop engaging with literature, making presentations, writing, and performing.

While English graduates pursue careers in a variety of fields, our programs do not set you on a specific professional track. Instead, we help you to find your own path toward a career that suits your talents, values, and interests. English majors tap the power of words to create meaning and understanding, and even as technologies change that power will never become obsolete. English teaches the whole human being, creating graduates comfortable with having their preconceptions challenged, conversant in ethical problems, and equipped with superb skills in crafting arguments. If you are looking for a degree that lets you pursue intellectual curiosity, cultural awareness, creative expression, and effective communication skills, English may be for you.

We invite current Tennessee Tech undergraduate English Majors to consider our B.A./M.A. Fast Track Program, which allows motivated students to complete courses for dual undergrad-graduate credit.

The Department of English proudly celebrates our students' achievements.

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