Test Score Table

Official Test Score Reports Required for Admission to TN Tech
Test, Exam, or Course Students Must Score at Least
TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language 500 - Paper based TOEFL (PBT)
173 - Computer based TOEFL (CBT)
61 - Internet based TOEFL (iBT)
61 - Home Test (iBT Special Home Edition)
TOEFL Essential 7 to 12 
VTEST English is a computer adaptive test correlated with CEFR
Level B1, B2, C1, C2


IELTS – International English Language Testing System As of October 1st, 2020, all IELTS scores will be verified by the IELTS site, if the scores cannot be verified, they cannot be used for admissions. Test older than 3 years will no longer be accepted.
IELTS test 5.5 or higher
Students of the Embassy of Kuwait  6.0 is the minimum score 
IELTS Indicator (home edition) 5.5 or higher

Manchester Exam


score of 301 or above  (B2, C1, C2)

College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT)  대학수학능력시험

Rank 3 or 4 in English section with TOEFL or IELTS


Rank 1 or 2  in English section, no other test needed

Oxford ELLT – English Language Level Test

Level 6 or higher or 
CEFR Level B2, C1, and C2

Pearson PTE 52
TOEIC- Test of English for International Communication 580 or higher 
Michigan Test (MET) 80 / 100
ITEPS 3.5 or higher, student will be required to take additional ESL or language support 
ACT  (Tennessee Tech is test optional) Composite of 17 or higher  
≥15 ACT sub-scores
completion of a college-preparatory high school curriculum
SAT  (Tennessee Tech is test optional) Composite of 930 or higher 
≥460 SAT sub-scores
Students interested in scholarships should submit a score of 600 or more in each sub-score
CEFR  Level B1, B2, C1, C2
LanguageCert ESOL Proficiency Test ESOL  B2
Cambridge Assessment English Exams Cambridge Scale Score of 162 or Above
SLEP from high school  53
IB Credits Language  IB Diploma: Language A - Language and Literature (SL or HL) with a minimum score of 4, 5, 6, or 7
Duolingo English Test  (home test) 85   (30 if taken before July 2019)
AP English L& C    minimum score of 3 
Cambridge IGCSE or GCSE English Language includes AS-Level, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge IGCSE or GCSE in ESL  Equivalent to a C or better

Cambridge ESOL (before 2016)

CPE - C (Cert of Proficiency in English)CAE - C (Cert in Advanced English)FCE - C (First Cert of English)
Scottish Advanced Higher or Higher English C or better
Irish Leaving Certificate  pre 2017= C         or      post 2017 =O4/H4
English3  52 or higher
India National Board Standard XII 70% or greater
WASSCE or NECO in Africa  C6
Hong Kong HKDSE Grade 4 + 
AST -Aptitude Scholastic Test English Score of 180 or higher 
CET in China  Level 6
GTEC English Proficiency Exam in Japan 1075 +
SEPT (Sakae English Proficiency Test) in Japan  490 for Undergraduate Students Only
EIKEN in Japan  2 A grade (College or Junior College Level)

Country-specific qualifications


Matura / Reifeprüfung Grade  2 or better

Brunei GCE/O-level 1120 Syllabus   grade of C or better
Bulgaria Diploma za sredno Obrazovani   Grade of 5
Cameroon GCE  O-Level English C or better
China, Peoples Republic of Gaokao
(GaoKao English subject scores of 105-124/150 or 90-99/120 will be considered for Conditional Admissions)
Denmark Bevis for Studentereksamen   Grade 7 and 10 
Finland Ylioppilastutkinto   Grade 5
France Baccalauréat L’option International English  Grade 12
France  Baccalauréat General  grade 14
Germany Abitur- English  Grade 12
Iceland Stúdentspróf, Compulsory English   Grade 8
Luxembourg Diplome de Fin d’Etudes Secondaires  45 (Bien)
Malaysia English Language GCE-O (Syllabus 1119  grade of C or better
Malta Matriculation Certificate, English  C or better
Mauritius Cambridge Overseas Schools (COS), English C or better
Namibia HIGCSE  grade of C or better
the Netherlands/ Holland VWO, English  grade of 7 or better
Norway Vitnemål   Grade of 5
Poland Matura, Extended Level English language     70%
Sri Lanka O level in English for Credit or Distinction
Sweden Fullständigt från Gymnasieskolan, English  grade of C or VG or better
Switzerland Maturità   grade of 5

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