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TN STRONG Act & Tuition Assistance


The Tennessee STRONG Act is a reimbursement program for members of the TN National Guard to obtain funding towards a first bachelor's degree. If you have signed a 6 year contract and are actively drilling, we encourage you to apply to utilize this benefit. Prior to the application, soldiers must apply for Tuition Assistance in order to act in accordance with regulations put in place by the Tennessee National Guard. Proof of class registration and FTA usage through GoArmyEd must be submitted with application. (Instructions on website under “FTA Verification” tab). Below are the eligibility requirements in order to receive funding. 

  • Be admitted to and enroll in an eligible institution (any Tennessee public community college, public university, or private college or university, all of which must be regionally accredited)Individuals attending private institutions will be reimbursed for the average cost at a public institution.
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0. An individual who loses eligibility for failing to maintain a 2.0 grade point average may regain eligibility upon maintaining a 2.0 grade point average in a subsequent semester.
  • Apply for and use federal tuition assistance
  • Be in good standing with the Tennessee National Guard and currently serving
    Apply for the reimbursement within 90 days of course completion

As a last-dollar reimbursement, the amount of state tuition reimbursement is offset by any other funds received. This includes any other state and federal aid including Pell Grant, TSAA award, HOPE scholarship, and any other tuition specific scholarship; institutional or otherwise. The tuition reimbursement will be made to the educational institution on behalf of an eligible member for no more than 120 credit hours or eight semesters toward a first time bachelor’s degree.

When submitting your application you will need the following: 

  • Commander Signature
  • Itemized billing statement for the term 
  • Signed and completed Section IV 
  • Proof of TA Authorization, if you fail to provide this documentation, your STRONG Act acceptance will be reduced by the amount in which you would have received for Federal Tuition Assistance. 

The deadlines for STRONG are as follows: 

Fall: October 1st

Spring: February 1st

Summer: June 1st 

For any questions regarding your TN STRONG Act benefits, please contact SFC Biase at 615-313-0737. 

The application packet can be found here:


Federal Tuition Assistance 

Federal tuition assistance is a benefit that must be applied for prior to the application of the TN STRONG Act. The deadline for FTA (federal tuition assistance) is always at least 10 days prior to the term beginning and the application opens 90 days before the term begins. Failure to apply for Federal Tuition Assistance could result in the reduction in funding from the TN Strong Act by the amount that would have been applied from FTA. The maximum amount paid for Federal Tuition Assistance for ARNG members is: 100% Tuition up to $250 per semester hour, up to 16 semester hours annually. Not to exceed $4,000 per fiscal year. Current Army policy limits TA to 130 semester hours of undergraduate credit or baccalaureate degree, whichever comes first and 39 semester hours of graduate credit or master's degree whichever comes first. The 39 semester hour limit applies to all credits taken after completion of a baccalaureate degree.

Tuition Assistance Procedures: 

  • Soldiers’ TA enrollment requests must be submitted and approved through prior to the course start date; any enrollments requested on or after the class start date will be approved as Soldier funded.
    TA is requested on a course-by-course basis, and each course must be part of an approved degree program.
  • GoArmyEd will notify the Soldier, whether the TA is approved or not. If the TA request is not approved, GoArmyEd will advise the Soldier of the reason and next steps.
  • All drops/withdrawals must take place through GoArmyEd. Soldiers who do not successfully complete a class will be required to repay the TA. Soldiers who are unable to successfully complete a class due to military reasons must request a Withdrawal for Military Reasons through GoArmyEd and complete all required steps to ensure that they will not be charged.
  • If the Soldier wishes to take a class with a school that does not participate in the electronic GoArmyEd class schedule, a TA Request Authorization form must be completed in GoArmyEd. The TA Request Authorization will be routed to an Army Education Counselor to be reviewed and approved. Soldiers should allow extra time for this. If the TA Request Authorization is approved, the Soldier will be notified by email.
  • Soldiers must print the approved TA Request Authorization form in GoArmyEd, provide it to the school and enroll directly with the school.
    Soldiers must acknowledge and electronically sign the TA Statement of Understanding (TA SOU) each quarter they wish to use TA.

In order to act in accordance with procedures, we always suggest applying for FTA in a timely manner. Our department is always willing to assist students in the application process. Once your TA is approved. You will be required to bring your TA authorization form the Business Office in order for your funds to be applied to your student account. You will be sent instructions by Mr. James McClanahan on how to retrieve this document. 

****Please check your email frequently in order to ensure no outstanding requirements remain after your FTA submission. Mr. McClanahan will reach out to you via email for any other documents or changes you may need to make. For questions, please reach out to Mr. James McClanahan by phone at 615-313-0604 or by email at

 If you are a scholarshipped cadet, you will still need to provide proof through GoArmyEd. Your account will have a different interface. You can just print off that screen when submitting the STRONG Act packet. Please consult with our department for assistance prior to the term beginning. 

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