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2019-2020  Cost of Attendance 学费

 Tuition is based on calculating in-state plus out-of-state tuition to get the total cost of tuition .

  •  In-state fees and other charges* $327 per credit hour; $4248.00 for 12 hours plus $60.00/hour over 12 hours.
    • 学费是根据州内+州外学费来计算。
    • 州内的费用及其他费用* $327每学分小时12个小时$4248.00 +超过12小时,每小时$60.00
  • Out-of-state tuition $661 per credit hour; $7932 for 12 hours (in addition to in-state costs) plus $132/hour over 12 hours.
    • 州外学费$661每学分小时。$7932 每12小时(周内学费以外)+12小时以上,每小时$132
  • General access fees  $708.50* includes technology access fee, student activity fee, campus access fee in lieu of parking permit fee, graduation fee, change of schedule fee, sustainable campus fee and the Post Office box.
    • 一般费用$708.50 *包括技术接入费,学生活动费,校园停车证费,毕业费,附表费的变化,可持续发展校园费和邮政信箱代替接入费。

The cost of one semester at Tennessee Tech will be:  一学期的费用将是: $4248  + $7,932 + $708.50* =$12,888.50   Residence Hall Rates 
(all rates are based on a double occupancy rate) 宿舍价格(所有价格均为双人率)

  • Regular Residence Hall普通居住厅 $2,460 per semester 每学期
  • Honors Residence Hall荣誉宿舍大楼 $3,160 per semester每学期
  • Global Village Residence Hall地球村生活馆 $2,740 per semester每学期
  • Business Residence Hall 商业宿舍大楼 $3,160 per semester 每学期
  • Engineering Residence Hall工程宿舍大楼 $2,840 per semester每学期
  • New Residence Hall (Living and Learning Villages) 新宿舍大楼(生活和学习村)$3,875 per semester 每学期

Meal Plans  膳食计划

  • Unlimited access to the Marketplace (cafeteria) 无限进入市场(食堂)$2,544 per semester每学期
  • “The Extreme Eagle” “极端之鹰” (19 meals/week + $250 Dining Dollars) (19餐/周+$250的餐)$2,467 per semester每学期
  • “The Mighty 15” “无垠的15” (15 meals/week + $225 Dining Dollars) (15餐/周+$225的餐饮) $2,389 per semester 每学期
  • “The Totally Ten” 共十” (10 meals/week + $300 Dining Dollars) (10餐/周+$300的餐饮)$2,219 per semester每学期

  Estimated total cost examples: 估计总成本的例子: Out-of-state student taking 12 hours + Regular Residence hall + “The Mighty 15” meal plan 外州学生上课15小时+普通居所大厅+“无垠的15” 膳食计划 $17,737.50 per semester  每学期   Other fees: All international students are required to pay the following fees:

  • $100 international fee (each semester)
  • $300 deposit

Medical insurance is required by all international students who enroll in any Tennessee Board of Regents school. * Please note:

  • Some courses, such as labs, engineering, nursing, business and music courses have special course fees.
  • Developmental courses are priced differently than undergraduate college-level courses.

其他费用: 所有国际学生都必须支付以下费用:

  • 国际费$ 100(每学期)
  • $300订金


  • 一些课程,列如实验室,工程,护理,商业和音乐课程,有特殊的课程费用。
  • 发展课程与本科水平的课程价格不同。
Required Medical Insurance Coverage: International Basic and Major Medical Coverage for persons under 29 医疗保险覆盖范围:国际基本与主要医疗保险计划,29岁以下
  Annual 全年 Fall 秋季 Spring/Summer 春/夏季
Student学生 $1,196 $503 695
Spouse   配偶 $5,990 $2511 3479
Child   儿童 $3,538 $1,483 $2055
IMPORTANT: You may only choose the ANNUAL option in the FALL Semester enrollment period重要说明:您只能在秋季学期报名期间选择每年选 

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