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Safety 安全

  • Cookeville has one of the lowest crime rates in the USA.
  • Tennessee Tech University has the lowest crime rate of any school in the State of Tennessee. 
  • The university has a very comprehensive safety and security staff.
  • 库克维尔在美国是犯罪率最低的城市之一。
  • TTU在任何田纳西州的学校是犯罪率最低的。在这里你会很少听到盗窃,枪击,或任何恶意行为
  • TTU 有着非常全面的安全和保安人员

Cost of Living 生活费用

  • On and off campus housing is available for students.
  • The medium cost of rent in Cookeville is $200 to $350 U.S. dollars for a one bedroom apartment.
  • Furnished housing is also available for $500 a month, all utilities, cable, washer and dryer are included.
  • Cookeville is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 lowest cost of living areas in the USA.
  • TTU 用友校内,校外住宿库克维尔的一间卧室房租相等于2美元至350美元。
  • 拥有完整家具的房屋每月也只是500元。这包括所有水电费,有线电视,洗衣机和烘干机。 
  • 库克维尔是一贯排名为在美国生活成本最低的前10个城市之一。

Job Opportunities for Students & Working on Campus 校园工作

Many students ask can they work on campus. The answer is a definite yes, Tennessee Tech has many on-campus jobs available for students. Also internships are plentiful in the region. Many university majors recommend or require the students to participate in a Cooperative Education Program (COOP); students will receive payment for these COOP programs that give them hands-on experience in their field of study. The university's Career Services Office assists students in finding a COOP or Internships. This office will also assist students in preparing their CV or resume.



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