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Tuition is based calculating in-state fees + out of state tuitions to get the total cost of tuition.

In-state Fees & other charges* $ 327 per credit hour $ 4,248 for 12 hours + $60/hour over 12 hours

Out-of-state Tuition $ 661 per credit hour $ 7,932 for 12 hours (in addition to in-state costs) + $132/hour over 12 hours

General Access fees $708.50 *includes technology access fee, student activity fee, campus access fee in lieu of parking permit fee, graduation fee, change of schedule fee, sustainable campus fee and the Post Office box.


The cost of one semester will be:

$4,248+$7,932 + $708.50* =$12,888.50

Residence Hall Rates 예상비용 (all rates are based on a double occupancy rate)

Regular Residence Hall 한 학기당  $ $2,460 per semester

Honors Residence Hall 한 학기당$ 3,160 per semester

Global Village Residence Hall 한 학기당 $2,740 per semester

Business Residence Hall 한 학기당 $ 3,160 per semester

Engineering Residence Hall 한 학기당  $ 2,840 per semester

New Residence Hall (Living and Learning Villages) 한 학기당  $ 3,875 per semester


Meal Plans

Unlimited access to the Marketplace (cafeteria)  $2,544 per semester

“The Extreme Eagle” (19 meals/week + $250 Dining Dollars) $ 2,467  per semester

“The Mighty 15” (15 meals/week + $225 Dining Dollars) $ 2389  per semester

“The Totally Ten” (10 meals/week + $300 Dining Dollars) $ 2219 per semester

무제한 이용 가능 식권(카페테리아)

한 학기당 $2544

“the Extreme Eagle”(주당 19번+$250 식대)

한 학기당 $2467

“the Mighty 15” (주당 15번 +$225 식대)

한 학기당 $2389

“the Totally Ten”(주당 15번+$300 식대)

한 학기당 $2219


Estimated total cost examples:

Out-of-state student taking 12 hours ($12288.50) + Regular Residence hall (2460)  + “The Mighty 15” meal plan (2389) =  $17,737.50 per semester

예상되는 총액

다른 지역 출신의 학생

15학점 ($12888.50) +기숙사 ($2460) +식대 ($2389) 한 학기당 $16,665


Other fees:

  • All international students are required to pay the following fees:
  • $100 international fee (each semester)
  • $300 deposit
  • Medical insurance is required by all international students who enroll  

Please note:

- Some courses, such as labs, engineering, nursing, business and music courses have special course fees.

- Developmental courses are priced differently than undergraduate college-level courses.

지금 문의하십시오!

기타 비용

  • 모든 국제 학생들은 다음의 기타 비용을 지불하는 것이 요구 된다.
  • 국제 요금 $100
  • 보증금 $300
  • 건강 보험료

연구실, 엔지니어, 보건, 경제, 음악 수업은 추가 요금이 생길 수 있다.

Developmental courses

는 학부 과정과 다르게 가격이 측정 된다



필수 의료 보험 범위: 40 이하의 경우 주요한 국제 의료 보험 범위


Annual 매년

Fall 가을


Spring/ Summer /여름

Student  학생





Spouse (add)  배우자





Child (add)  자녀





IMPORTANT: You may only choose the ANNUAL option in the FALL Semester enrollment period

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