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Generative AI: Making ChatGPT Work for You
Taylor Chesson & Lacy Means
August 22, 2023

Watch our presentation "ChatGPT: Making AI Work for You" to discover some ideas and tips for using generative AI in education. Learn how to integrate AI technology into your classroom, explore innovative ways to leverage AI for assessments, and gain practical strategies to prevent academic misconduct.   

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AI in Academics: A Paradigm Shift In Pedagogy
Dr. Jason Beach
February 28, 2023

"AI in Academics: A Paradigm Shift in Pedagogy" is a thought-provoking session that will explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence on education and the way it is transforming traditional teaching methods. This session will delve into the potential of AI in enhancing the learning experience for students and how it can be leveraged to personalize education. We will also discuss the challenges and ethical considerations associated with implementing AI in the classroom. This session will provide valuable insights for faculty and administrators who are interested in exploring new and innovative ways to improve education through AI.

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