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Gamification Workshops

Gamification / Awards Part 1
Kyle Cook & Dr. Kelvin Norman
September 14, 2021

Awards provide a way to lead students through your content to give order, engagement, and inspiration. In this session, Kyle and Kelvin will cover the broader picture of using awards to encourage students toward a goal. They will discuss different structures for utilizing awards in iLearn and applying these structures to a gamified scenario.

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Gamification / Awards Part 2
Kyle Cook & Dr. Kelvin Nroman
September 21, 2021

In part 2 of the series, Kyle and Kelvin will focus on the “How To” related to awards, building on the foundation of the “why” from the previous session. They will demonstrate how to use videos to trigger awards and introduce release conditions, award templates, and more details on making award structures work in your course.

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