Center for Innovation In Teaching and Learning

July 2022

Critical Thinking Replay
July 5, 2022

In this session, Taylor discusses the importance of critical thinking as it prepares students for a lifetime of thinking and learning independently. She covers ways to implement critical thinking exercises in the classroom, knowing what you know (metacognition), in-context learning, and inductive / deductive reasoning. 

Engagement Strategies
July 12, 2022 

In this session, we explore increasing attendance by designing for student interaction with the instructor, the content, and with one another. We will discuss including participation as a graded item, activities that encourage student motivation, and creating a welcoming classroom culture and environment. 

Designing Assessment
July 19, 2022

Assessments are a tool designed to help measure student mastery of course outcomes and objectives. In this workshop, we will review the types of assessments as well as the purpose and reasoning behind implementing effective assessments in your courses. We will walk through the importance of both formative and summative assessments as well as the tools available for each one. 

iLearn: Semester Wrap-Up
July 26, 2022

The end of the semester is the time to prepare iLearn courses for copying components to the next semester’s courses. This process involves updating Master iLearn courses as well as cleaning up existing semester courses. In this session, Kelvin discusses the exact procedures for adding, deleting, and modifying content topics, quizzes, assignments, discussions, and other iLearn components. The process of copying, exporting, and importing entire courses and between semesters is also explained in detail. Lastly, Kelvin also elaborates on the steps for selecting specific items to be copied as well as how to manage or offset start, end, and due dates. 

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