Center for Innovation In Teaching and Learning

January 2023

Course Design: Looks DO Matter 
January 17, 2023

Course design impacts the overall effectiveness and appeal of a class. Looks and content increase student interest and motivation by making the course more engaging. Organization reduces cognitive load, which can help students understand the material more effectively. In this session, we will share engagement and organizational strategies for course design best practices according to the OLC Rubric.   

iLearn Features You Might Not Know Exist
Jan. 24, 2023

iLearn is loaded with many practical timesaving features that instructors might not be aware of.  In this session, Dr. Kelvin Norman and Lauren Neal will elaborate on how to locate and use these  hidden gems so that instructors can get the most out of their iLearn experience.  Included in this list of top features are copying assignments within a course, Quick Eval, restoring assessments, setting default availability dates, and more. 

Jan. 31. 2023

Rubrics are a best practice for communicating criteria and achievement levels of assignments to students in both online and on-ground courses. Well-developed rubrics show alignment between assignment criteria and overall module/unit and course learning objectives. Before the assignment, rubrics help students understand the connections between the “what” and “why” of learning. After the assignment, rubrics also help instructors provide quicker, more consistent feedback to students, often helping answer a common student question: why did I receive the grade I received? In this session, participants will hear from Tennessee Tech faculty who utilize rubrics and see examples of digital rubrics in iLearn.  

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