Center for Innovation In Teaching and Learning

March 2023

Best Practices Across Course Modalities
March 7, 2023

Are you familiar with the course delivery methods available at Tennessee Tech? Join the instructional designers as they review the three course modalities: Tech-Direct (Online), Tech-Flex (Hybrid), and Tech-Enhanced (On-Ground). Designers will discuss overall best practices for communication, engagement, assessment, and content. By following these suggestions, instructors can create courses that are effective in promoting student learning and success.

Insights Dashboard and Analytics Part 1
March 21, 2023

Course analytics can help provide insight into the effectiveness of course elements, as well as the level of engagement for students. The analytics provided in iLearn allow instructors to monitor class progress, content statistics, quiz statistics, and more. During this session we will cover how to access the different course analytics for each tool and how to use the information collected to help improve course design and student engagement.


Insights Dashboard and Analytics Part 2
March 28, 2023

Following the Course Analytics Part 1 workshop, we will share information about the new Insights Portal Dashboards implemented in December of 2022. The dashboards are a collection of reporting visualizations that allow you to dig deeper into the engagement or assessment quality in your courses. These dashboards compile the data from courses into a graphical representation that allows you to review engagement metrics, identify individuals or groups who are succeeding or at-risk, and ascertain the quality of your quizzes and question reliability.  

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