Center for Innovation In Teaching and Learning

January 2024 

Maximizing iLearn Tools
January 30, 2024

Join the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning for an overview of the tool improvements in iLearn. Our Instructional Technologists will demonstrate new quiz tool features, the enhanced assignment experience, and ways to engage students through discussions and announcements. In addition, learn how to implement Creator+ interactive assessment tools to measure student understanding and create course checkpoints through hotspots. 

Crafting Your Course with iLearn Templates
January 23, 2024

By importing and customizing pre-designed templates in iLearn, you can provide students with a consistent, engaging learning experience. In this session, we will display pre-made templates you can import into your courses, discuss different ways they engage learners, and show you how to import them into your courses. These templates are great for fully online, hybrid, and tech-enhanced courses. 

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