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Teaching Fundamentals

"Decluttering" The Online Classroom: Making Course Design Work for Students
November 14, 2023

This session is designed to help educators optimize their online course environments. Participants will learn practical strategies to organize digital content, simplify navigation, and enhance user experience. The workshop emphasizes student-centered design principles to promote engagement and learning.  

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Bloom's & Maslow's
Mallory Matthews & Lacy Means
October 3, 2023

Enhance the educational experience by integrating Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Bloom's Taxonomy. Discover how to create a supportive learning environment that addresses students' fundamental needs, while applying cognitive development principles from Bloom's Taxonomy to elevate critical thinking and enhance learning outcomes. Join us to enrich your instructional approach and inspire meaningful growth in your students. 

Course Mapping & Alignment
Heather Rippetoe and Lacy Means
September 12, 2023

Aligned courses ensure students’ knowledge and skills are measured according to established learning objectives. Courses are deemed "aligned" when instructors ensure that assessments, activities, and content closely match the course and module learning objectives. In this workshop, we will discuss the benefits of creating and reviewing both course-level and module-level learning objectives. We will also show examples of mapping at the daily, weekly, and semester levels for alignment in different disciplines.

Heather Rippetoe and Mallory Matthews
September 5, 2023

Course learning objectives guide faculty in their course design and give students insight into the knowledge and skills they will be learning throughout the semester. Join us to discuss two ways to develop and evaluate course and module learning objectives: SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) and ABCD (Audience, Behavior, Condition, Degree).  

Best Practices Across Course Modalities
Taylor Chesson, Mallory Matthews, Heather Rippetoe, and Lacy Means
 March 7, 2023

Are you familiar with the course delivery methods available at Tennessee Tech? Join the instructional designers as they review the three course modalities: Tech-Direct (Online), Tech-Flex (Hybrid), and Tech-Enhanced (On-Ground). Designers will discuss overall best practices for communication, engagement, assessment, and content. By following these suggestions, instructors can create courses that are effective in promoting student learning and success.

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